P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Yayyyyyyyy HeOw see we knew you could do it image...have faith  in your fairy god mother..image oh do me a favour and pace me round my half in 2 weeks!!

    Lit you aren't the only stalker..I wasn't going to admit it   but seeing as you have..I too had a sneaky peek..image..

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hey - some great times achieved today -- well done to all of you.

    My run went ok despite hangover...infact think it probably did me some good. My 16 tomorrow will be a work day, but my work is not busy at all at moment as we are still kind've between projects...plus, my boss is off all week! image

  • Well done HeOw! Solid pacing too.

    Lit - I did Tunbridge Wells a couple of years ago. It was a good race, well-organised, country lanes, friendly etc. But it tipped it down and there was flooding in places. And yes I remember the hills... if you can PB there it would be a good sign. I also accidentally swore at Dame Kelly Holmes - she was congratulating people on the finish line and I was bent over panting and saying f&*k when she gave me my medal...

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Well done everyone on all the great PBs today. Really impressive and certainly well deserved! I did 14 miles today with a few at MP. However the bug I've had since Friday has not completely gone. I thought I would have to 'do a Paula' at one point which made it hard to concentrate on pace! For that reason, I'm glad I decided not to race. I did some of the VLM route and was reminded how tedious and grim parts of it are. But then again, that is without the supporters...
  • Well done NN, Men, Craig and HeOw on the race times today . All very impressive.

    Lit - well done on the 21 miles . I think gels get easier the more you use them but if you get them on your hands they are sticky for the rest of the race!

    Not as impressive as you lot, I did 16 miles with 12 at MP. Very pleased as kept HR completely within target range and managed average pace 8:47 which is a good 20 secs faster per mile than my target so things are looking promising for sub 4. I'm not sure how long I could have held that but it wasn't absolutely hideous. It wasn't a completely flat route either.
  • Ten - good run

    15W - sounds like a not bad run . The hangover can't have been quite as bad as anticipated.

    Al - well done on the mp, not sure what the pace says about the beet shots. Did you find them palatable?
  • Al, are you from down that way? I don't live anywhere near Tunbridge Wells but my parents do, which makes it a nice weekend visit + race. Have you ever done the Hastings half and, if so, how do the hills compare? I did that one last year and did manage a PB, though my quads ached for days afterwards from hammering down the hills.

  • Thanks all - I think we are all proof that this plan truly works.  If you look at elevation splits, you can see why my middle miles are faster and my last two a bit slower, it went slightly downhill for middle ones and slightly up for the final ones - I don't think I could have paced it any better.  I do think had this been Goal A, I would have pushed it a bit more and got a 1:40 but I had in my head to just calm down a bit as I really need to truly focus on Manchester now I have got this out of the way. I am pleased with 3 min PB and I have took my HM time down from1:57:58 in Sept 2011 to 1:41:13 in Feb 2013.  Chuffed!  I did a sprint finish which is first time ever!  I just felt so fit all around, I have been worrying that all these 9:30m/m I am putting in would be detrimental and admit my confidence level was low about it but now I know - easy running with tempos (and intervals soon) are the way to go. 

    Fiona J - well done, sounds like a great run for you.  Go Caz, you too. 

    Literatin - brilliant!  Love your stalking abilities! 

    NN - yes you are my fairy godmother and just realised, need to message you back... image

  • ...and Fiona, I think 16 with 12 at MP is more impressive than a 21 mile LSR because of the pacing discipline involved. I did end up having to lick my hands and wipe them on my tights but will get more of those gels now I know I can take them.

  • Fiona I agree 100% with Lit on that 16 with 12mp is harder than a LSR 20 miler , well done, looking good too if the HR was sensible.

    Heow, strange but true, train slow race fast !! bet you are buzzing !!

  • Great runs Caz, Al and Fiona.

    Congratulations HeOw!

    Some fabulous racing and training run times coming in today! (Glad I wasn''t racing, 'cos I'd hate to be the one to spoil the party image).  A lot of people on cloud nine!

  • Fiona - I actually like the taste of the Beet It shots, but I like beetroot anyway. I also like the taste of most gels so perhaps I'm not the best person to ask...

    Lit - nope not from Tunbridge Wells, I live in South London so it was a couple of hours drive. Haven't done Hastings so can't comment on that. I use the 'explore' function on Garmin Connect to seek out elevation profiles if you don't know about that already.

  • Good point, Al, also about time I got round to using Garmin Connect after getting a garmin for Christmas! Have compared the routes and actually Hastings looks worse except that most of the steep climbing is out of the way earlier. In any case, I've got my 'but it was really hilly' excuse lined up already in case I don't match the stellar performances by P&Ders today. image

  • Great runs for everyone today, its good to see all training is paying off.  

    Made up for you Helen after reading your post last night, you totally nailed it today and when I seen you at the final mile you looked very strong.

    Wilmslow Half next for me, anyone else doing this??

  • Crickey - Busy old day today.

    Congrats go to; NN, Craig, HeOw on top PB running and Chick, Lit, Mark, Go caz , Ten, Fiona and Al runs on top lsr running. I hope i haven't excluded anyone.

    Lit - I am pleased to confirm I did verbally abuse HeOw in the manner she requested - Verabatim at the end of mile 13!image  Race report to follow

  • Wrexham half for me in 1.23.41 (Watch), which is a +1min pb. Buggered it up royally at the start by pep talking both my sisters right at the back of the pack(their first half) as the whistle went off so my clock time will show 1.24.10. All nice and relaxed and straight forward to 7 in 6.28mm which was 4 secs a mile slower than target race pace but feeling good and picked up the 28 secs by accelerating over the next 2 in 6.18 and 6.08 respectively and still feeling ok. Consolidated witha 6.19 and contemplating an assault on sub 1.23 as feeling slightly fatigued but hey, less than 20 mins to chase down. Turned a corner just after the start of mile 10 and straight into a stiff headwind pace went from 6.12 to 6.36 in 200 yards and had to work really hard for the next two miles to keep it to 6.26mm. Finished with a 6.19 and a 5.05 sprinty bit to put a lid on the day. Curse that headwind! Good thing about starting right (and I mean right) at the back is that I overtook 450 people and no bugger got passed me!

  • Crickey - Busy old day today.

    Congrats go to; NN, Craig, HeOw on top PB running and Chick, Lit, Mark, Go caz , Ten, Fiona and Al runs on top lsr running. I hope i haven't excluded anyone.

    Lit - I am pleased to confirm I did verbally abuse HeOw in the manner she requested - Verabatim at the end of mile 13!image  Race report to follow

  • Oops - must be the speckled hen!!!

  • Mennania wrote (see)

    Oops - must be the speckled hen!!!

    Age gap showing again...horlicks for me ..image if I refuled on Speckled hen I wouldnt get out of bed tomorrow Great report Men how did your sisters get on ?

  • Great running everyone. Brilliant to see all those PB's. Craig I had a feeling you would be close to sub 1.20 - you are going to fly London if you keep st it. Great stuff.

    Also got a pb for my 10 mile race today. 63 mins exactly. I was on for 60 or 61 at the half way, but turned into what can only be described as a 30 mph gale on the way back. So time slightly slower than hoped for, but 15th overall. So all in, pretty happy. Plus it's given me a bit of much needed mojo back.

    Enjoy the recovery everyone. And then this weeks mileage!

    Chris well done to you on your PB..I also had to run most of mine into a headwind so sodding annoying image

    A young female club mate of mine ran 60 mins today and was  breast feeding her 6 month old baby by the time I finished image 

  • NN - They did good - the elder of them got around in 2.02 but was treating it as a MLR and the younger ran with a friend who was doing it for CLIC Sargent, and donating the raisings to my sister for her VLM fund. The friend had a tendon issue and stopped a few times but clearly my sister was going to finish with her and i think they come in around the 2.20 mark. It is the furthest any of them have run to date and I couldnt shut them up in the pub so a good day!

    That twatting head wind robbed me of a sub 1.23.

  • Thanks nn and congrats on your windy pb too. You werent in Llanelli as well were you with that wind??!

    Amazing from the breast feeder! - maybe she could bottle it for us - she must be made of strong stuff!
  • Chris I was at Plymouth (known for its hills)..club mate has come back faster since the baby like many women do, ..not an option for me at my age lol...or you ha ha image

    Men a nice family day out then, well done to them and the money is going to a good cause, My brother is running VLM for Clic Sargent image

  • Just can't keep up with you lotimage where to start fantastic long runs for them that did them over the weekend image

    For all the half marathon PB's fantastic running, NN, Men, Craig and Chris with his 10 mile race. Shows what can be done if you have a great plan to run to image

    Just another 22 miles in the bank for me today.
  • Only 22 NP lazy so and so image

  • Craig, gutted I missed you and wished I had known that was you beeping me!  

    NP - you just LURVE the number 22!  

    Men - well done again today on the PB and lovely to meet you. Fab day for it, how much bloody nicer is it having good weather but agree, that headwind last few miles took its toll.  It was weird, every tree was still but whooosh, the wind just hit you down the rural lanes.

    4.25 miles recovery for me at 9:40m/m.  I secretly had in my head to do 18 miles (warmed up for nearly a mile this morning too) today because I missed an 18 when I was ill.  I felt fresh to death on the recovery run, I think I could have pushed far more today to be fair, I ain't saying that being a twat - just know I probably have a lot more in me once this marathon training done and dusted.  I was hitting 10k pace today and reining myself back thinking "don't be stupid, you have a big week ahead training wise, just take it steady".  I think I will wait to smash 1:40 after Manchester although a little part of me would like to do a HM end of March but I don't think it is good idea? 

    NN - WOW to your club mate doing 60 mins then breastfeeding! I fed all three of mine but weren't pretty much obliterating races too! Respect to her.

  • Well done to everyone that was racing today, some seriously impressive PBs and it's encouraging to see just how positive everyone seems at the moment. This thread seems like a great advertisment for P&D.

    My day seems quite mundane in comparison to some of yours but I did 17m with 12 at PMP. Actually, my avg for the 12 miles was 10 seconds faster than PMP with I'm fairly impressed with as it was over a quite undulating course. Average HR for the fast 12m was about 86% of max

    Once again, well done to all of today's racers. You're performances really do fill me with confidence!

  • HeOw - recovery run the same day as the HM? I'd be having a few recovery g&ts.

  • NN - cant be sure about the HR, but it felt hard but not awful. My breathing was really only hard on the uphill bits so wasn't an all out effort. I think it must have been about MP effort if you see what I mean.
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