P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Gentle 4 recovery for myself to get my 17 for the day and 60 for the week.  No worries Helen, weill catch you soon.  

  • Did you warm up pre race Craig?  Add that in too!  image

  • Fiona I am impressed that you did that session, its one I put off doing on my own, its so mentally  tough, its bound to feel hard thats the point , so I would say you are well on track for that sub 4, are you planning to do any half marathons to give yourself an idea of what you really could aim for ?

    Ziggy as we said to Fiona that is a tough session you have worked just as hard as racers today even harder on your own.

    HeOw I am impressed you did that recovery run, I was promising myself all the way driving back from the race that I was going to do a 4 mile recovery when I got home...but I thought sod it I earned a rest image still find it hard to believe I managed that time on that course with such a bad head wind, but will have to wait till later in the year to race another 10 miler, as my PB course race doesn't exist in the race calender anymore image I was thinking of looking for a flat 10k as I also hit my ( over age 45 ) 10k pb in yesterdays race, my best ever 10k is 43 mins but that was when I was 39 about 12 years ago..image and it was the 10ks that started to suffer once I hit 40 so I dont do them often

    easy 4/5 recovery later.

  • Phew not been near a PC since Saturday morning so some catching up.  Great PBs from NN, and son.  Craig  a great PB and placing and great PB from Men, love the protein replacement drink, Speckled Hen, not seen it in Sweatshop!  Good races and  miles from everybody else, everybody seems to be going so well. 

    I did my 16 mile with 12 at MP although it ended up at 18.5 sort of on purpose but partly because of where I was running the 12 to do them on flat roads to get some consistent splits.  Average pace for the 12 was 8.07, probably a bit faster than I haved trained for but didn't feel too bad.  Will assess again later in the programme.

    I am working a long shift again tomorrow, 8am to about 10.30pm, so will shift Tuesday to Monday and run 8 miles GA tonight.

  • JF50   8.07s  !! blimey well done .

  • JF50 - excellent MP session

    NN - I don't have any races planned before VLM this year. However, my HM pb was in Blackpool last summer when I was training for autumn marathon.  I was aiming to hopefully go sub 1:50 as I'd been trying for ages and came in at 1:47:13.  Based on that time I should apparently be able to achieve a 3:4x:xx for marathon. image I think that is just a bit ambitious, but I am now thinking that I could stick with the 9 mm pacer which I think gives a 3:57 instead of sticking with the original plan of 9:09 mm. A bit of me says that I should just stick to the plan tho' as 3:59:59 would still be a PB by over 9 minutes.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Well done on your MP run JF50 - maybe your faster than you think!

    Ran my 16mi with [email protected] this morning also. The mp miles were all about 6.40.

    Winter starts again tomorrow.

    Still feel like I have a hangover this morning, must be getting old.

  • You know you are getting old when the hangover lasts two days 15W. Mine tend to last 3 days now!

  • Fiona its not too ambitious some people (and mainly women) are better converters than others and dont slow down the further they go, alot of schedules say you should be able to go sub 45 mins to get under 3.45 marathon..but I cant do that now, but my 10k pace now is also the same  my 10mile/half marathon pace,but I just cant go faster over 10k...weird.. there are plenty of men at my club who run 1.35s for halfs but cant get under 3.45 for the marathon, whereas my times are low 1.40s and I can get 3.40-3.45 I think its to do with the way we convert fat or something.So concentrate on those LSRS and teach your body to utilise fat. And a 9 min pb is not to be sniffed at..

     today was .just under 5 miles recovery run and then threw  a few weights around (dont really know why I do that )..lol but it keeps the bingo wings at bay image


    Chris J77 wrote (see)

    You know you are getting old when the hangover lasts two days 15W. Mine tend to last 3 days now!

    I dont get hang overs cos I dont drink...a real sign of age ..image

  • Night Nurse wrote (see)

    I dont get hang overs cos I dont drink...a real sign of age ..

    Snap! image

    7m recovery with strides today.  Outdoors again, having discovered the joy of doing strides outside image

    I'm terrified of the upcoming 11m with [email protected]  Having missed the previous 6m threshold run, I'm not feeling at all confident that I can do it!  I'll still give it a go, though.



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Fantastic race results going on over the weekend.

    I was another one doing the 16 miles with 12 @ MP.  I deliberately ran it with the Garmin only showing HR, as I'm a bit unsure whether my target pace is a bit too ambitious.   Most miles were 7:30 min/mile +/- 10 seconds, and target pace is 7:25 m/m for a 3:15 marathon.  So I'm quite happy with that image

    Its definitely one of the harder sessions - I ran the 12 miles in the middle as the last two miles of the loop are fairly hilly.  I crawled up those hills! 

    Men's "Old Speckled Hen" reminded me - do they still give you a bottle of "London Pride" at the end (or am I just imaging it)?

  • Hi all

    Some fantastic running going on since my last post - well done to all on some great efforts!

    I completed my 16M (with 12 @ MP) run yesterday - ran the 16 in 1:47:59 with the 12 @ 1:18:48 (Ave 6:34) so am still hopeful that sub 3 is potentially possible

    Have also signed up for the Bideford Half Marathon on Sunday March 3rd. Should be a good indicator of fitness with what will be 7 weeks to go when I run it - anybody else signed up for it?

    Anyway hope everyone enjoys their running today - the sun is shining!  


    Dave yes I have entered Bideford my number arrived this morning 447, hope its not as windy as yesterdays Hoe 10, at least its not as hilly image

    Nice 16s Dave and Stutyr

  • Fiona my old HM PB pre my 3:54 at Chester was 1:44 at Blackpool, we must have done the same race. The one in Sept? I personally would aim for a 3:59 and reassess your race after half way and see how good you feel around 16-18 miles, if you feel you could push for a 3:55 then that's when I would go for it. A sub 4 is harder than I gave it credit for, a lot of people aim for it but end up the wrong side (I did for Manchester) and majority of the time it's from starting way too fast. So take it easy maybe for first 18?

    NN, I think people thought I was mad going out last night but I knew I hadn't overdone it at Wrexham and thought was great opportunity to make that 18 miler up. I had 2 weeks of recovery so think I am ok to bang extra run in, I know my body well. Hope I didn't make you feel like a lazy cahhhh!

    15W, I've had hangovers until the Wed. Never again! Well done on getting your run in.

    JF50 - well done on MRP run, my McMillan calculator gives me 8:08 as my MRP after yesterday's HM PB. Ha ha ha ha! Are you still unsure re pace?

    Recovery day for me, needed! More physically tired as was wired last night from race and couldn't sleep. I have heaviest week for while in training this week, should I drop the LT sesh as I did race yesterday OR do I account for that in last weeks training as I dropped LT sesh from that to taper a bit. Hmmm...

    I bet Craig is running!
  • NN, the Bideford half is pretty good because, as well as being fairly flat, it's also quite sheltered (particularly the 5 mile 'under the trees' section between miles 7 & 12 on the Tarka Trail) so should (fingers crossed!) be a fairly good indicator for VLM times - many congrats on yesterday's 10M PB btw, that was great running!

    I only entered the 1/2 yesterday so have no number yet - will let you know when I get it! 

  • HeOw wrote (see)

    NN, I Hope I didn't make you feel like a lazy cahhhh!


    and yes wise words, about the going off too fast, 9 min miles feels easy on fresh legs after 3 weeks of tapering for 18 miles but damn hard after that..

  • Well done to Dave and Stutyr on the MP runs. I'm now feeling a bit of a lightweight for skipping that session and rationalising it by going 'oh, I must do a long run [which I secretly prefer] instead'. Maybe I will make it up by doing it instead of the scheduled LT run the week after my half.

    HeOw, I didn't think it was mad to do the recovery run last night, just that I wouldn't have been able to do it as I'd have had a massive Sunday roast and half a bottle of wine as soon as the race was over!

  • Dave yes from what I can remember the only climb is out of Bideford before you get to the turn around point ? it will also be my birtjhday...how bloody sad is that running a half marathon on your birthday !! I will get a life after VLM

  • PS: I like having the race numbers, much easier for results webstalking.

  • Stutyr - You get a can or plastic bottle of London Pride at the Expo before VLM! Seems a bit bizarre to be tempting you off the wagon that close. I did 5 or 6 for recovery last night, the last one being a staropramen. Slept like a log and feel ok today. Am now entering my drying out coz I am a proper aflete phase of the training plan - (except Saturdays when the Rugby is on,  but that doesn't count).

    Will do an hour tonight to get the legs moving and blood flowing and then a mlr tomorrow assuming I dont get an attack of the doms over the next 24hrs.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    Night Nurse wrote (see)

    Fiona its not too ambitious some people (and mainly women) are better converters than others and dont slow down the further they go,

    I have also heard this. I remember listening to womens marathon pioneer Kathrine Switzer on marathon talk - and she thought with the popularity of ultras etc; that one day longer distance races could one day be part of the olympics and men and women could compete against each other as women are built better for the endurance stuff.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Chris J77 - are you taking part in the Llanelli half-mara on the 3rd?  I'm assuming that the 10 miler is over the same course (as  they seem to do everything from 5k to marathon using the milennium path!)?

    I'm down for that one, so hoping the sunshine stays but the wind dies down! 

  • HeOw wrote (see)
     JF50 - well done on MRP run, my McMillan calculator gives me 8:08 as my MRP after yesterday's HM PB. Ha ha ha ha! Are you still unsure re pace? 

    I'm guessing that is a challenge, can I resist? Back in 2008 when I was only 54 I ran 3.33.10  which was 8.07 per mile, think I was running HMs at 1.37 ish then.  5 years on and I know I have lost a bit of pace and run HMs at 1.45ish so a 3.40 marathon is about right, but then this programme is probably the only one I have run and adhered to since 2008.  Can it effectively take several minutes off my HM time and extrapolating those numbers off my MP for 2013?  That's the question.

    I do have the Colchester HM booked on March 17th so could test theory v real, or is it too close to marathon?  That's another question.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    JF50, I set my HM PB five weeks before my first marathon ... so I'd go for it!

  • Is this the first thread vlm slapdown? JF50 v HeOwimage

    JF50 - not too close but with all usual caveats re be prepared to pull back to pmp etc etc.

  • sadly HeOw and JF50 aren't doing the same mara, so they won't be able to race each other across the finish line.

    Me and Stutyr, on the other hand...

  • I can see all the current training discipline going in a blaze of glory, or damned agony, for a few of us. 

  • No Helen, no running for me today, I to didn''t sleep to well and was up at 04:50 for work, so the rest day on the Mondays are very welcome, I feel like I could run but I know the rest will do me good, more so with having a fairly busy running week this week.  Lovely day also would of liked to get out for a steady run.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Hey Lit, thats a very tempting challenge!

    Although, I'm not sure I'd recognise you the right way up - any chance you can do the final stretch in a handstand whilst reading a book?

    ... I'm not looking for an advantage or anything image

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