P + D training for VLM 2013



  • I'll think about it. My feet will probably need a break by then.

  • wow, i'm impressed with everyone's runs this weekend. lots of PBs to keep you guys on track for a good showing in London (or other spring mara).

    My last week of running has been tough going. I managed to tick off all my runs at the right pace, but for the first time this year felt really hard going. Since my 18mi run last weekend I've been feeling tired and every run last week started with pain in my lower legs, a kind of dull ache (i suspect shin splits, or the start of it, although i've never had it before, so i'm guessing). Not that painful, possibly a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10, and it subsided completely after a couple of miles of each run. Manged all runs in the right pace range, but felt sluggish. This sunday's 20miler was tough going. Very stop / start. Ran out to Richmond Park to get some soft ground to run on, which i think was a good idea, and managed it at the very slow end of my mara pace  + 10-20%. On paper I've completed the planned weekly runs as expected but i don't feel great.

    Had a sports massage this morning, and have a physio tomorrow to get advice on lower leg pain. Hoping he says a week or so of reduced training might stave off the full onset of shinsplints. Best case scenario is he says it's just fatigue and i can run through it, or perhaps stretch a bit more, ice legs, etc. Worst case is he says I need a few weeks off, which would potentially kill my Manchester marathon PB plans image Hoping for a good diagnosis/prognosis

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    AG, hope the physio has good news for you.  The plan is tough, and I know where you're coming from as I was really rough at the start of last week.  I took most of the week off (easier for me as I started a week early to give me a buffer) and felt a little better each day - so you will be at the lowest point the day after a bad run.  

    I'm kinda lost where everyone is in their plans - but is this week lighter (i.e. a couple of recovery runs & a medium long during the week)?  Just take those recovery runs at a very easy pace (assuming the Physio says its OK), or just skip them and try to keep the key sessions. 


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    Fingers crossed AG that its good news from the fizz and its nothing too bad

    Brilliant results from those racing this weekend, just finished reading back, well done to all and very well deserved image

    Lit/Stu make that a triple smackdown as i'm also going for sub 3.15 at VLM. Am running the GNWR at Blackpool on Sunday, don't get race number until race day.

    67 miles last week and after tomorrows mlr going to cut back until Sunday.


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    MarkF, the competition increases image

    Will be interesting to compare our HM times, as I've got the Llanelli HM in two weeks and I think Lit also has one this weekend coming (?). 


  • I have, yes, at Tunbridge Wells, but it's got massive great hills in (get the excuses in early).

    AG, hope the physio helps. Did the massage therapist have anything to say about muscle tightness there? Or is it just mine who always treats me to a massive lecture about all the things I should have been taking better care of?

  • Fingers crossed for the physio tomorrow. I'm not actually in pain when i walk or anything, and the running pain subsides after a warm up, but i think it's worth having it checked out rather than ignoring it, before it becomes an issue.

    the sports masseur (??) was fairly reassuring. Fooking painful, but reassuring. She said my legs seem to be in decent shape (not sure on what basis she judged that) but that my calves were super tight, so I guess more stretching required. The pain when she had her thumbs running down my right calf was about as much pain as I've ever felt. I'd say 8-9 out of 10. (i'll reserve 10 for passing out through pain). I was almost in tears at that point. However, it's also thankfully transient, so the pain only persisted for say 10 seconds at a time. I actually quite like a bit of pain (but that's between me and the missus image )


  • Masseuse if it's a lady, I think. The horrendous pain actually sounds encouraging, as it sounds like that'd be the cause of the leg pain when running.

  • AG - if you have tight calves then that could explain the pain down the shins. More stretching required.

    HeOw - I was kind of thinking that would be the plan. Start off at 4 hr pace and see what happens . I would be really pleased with sub 4 and totally gutted if I run out of steam and do worse than ever. It was Blackpool on the illuminations weekend. I had only planned on getting sub 1:50 but somehow it all seemed easy and I just kept clipping along. It's never that easy in a marathon and it would be an achievement not to have to walk at all
  • Stutyr - you do get a bottle of London pride at the expo . Something else to have to carry!
  • I just can't keep up hereimage lots of reading back some great MP runs done even if a bit late image but better late than never. HeOw yep just love a 22 might go 23 next Sundayimage  Rest/recovery day here so 1 mile swim (64x25m front crawl) and just over 4 miles recovery run tonight. LT run tomorrow am and half mile intervals pm.image

  • Rest day for me too, so I've just been to a non-sadistic pilates class (regular one not on in half term).

    AG: this is good too... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul-hXaVmCEQ

  • AG hope you get good news re the shin pain, although if the pain subsides as you run I wouldnt think it can be much , sounds like things are just a bit tight, hence when warmed up and into the run things ease off..image

    Lit, Pilates for me tomorrow morning AND Wednesday !! hopefully the ribs and sides  wont still be sore at the weekend last like week..image, might have to split tomorrows 10 miles into 2 shorter runs to fit everything in as I am also working an afternoon shift.

  • There is a flaw in my training schedule... THREE KIDS.  

  • You'll learn to love it NN image. Anyway, think of all the good it is doing your trunk stability!

  • HeOw wrote (see)

    There is a flaw in my training schedule... THREE KIDS.  

    No excuse I have  2 kids PLUS 3 grandkids hope I dont make you feel like a lazy caaahhhh image

    Lit I actually enjoyed it I know that anything that hurts is doing me good..image

  • HeOw, I think you will just have to count the kids as cross-training.

  • I

    literatin wrote (see)

    HeOw, I think you will just have to count the kids as cross-training.

    I looked after the youngest grandson this afternoon, went to the park pushing buggy great recovery walk/ jog..pushing on swings, great for the tri/biceps, then got  tea with him balanced on one hip with him clinging to my arm...great core stability workout...but I think Heows kids are a bit bigger than him so that might not be so easyimage

  • Hmm, not sure about the 'balanced on one hip' in terms of pilates symmetry, unless you shifted him over to the other side halfway through getting tea...

  • Hmmmm, that reminds me of my days as a barmaid, I had to make a conscious effort to switch arms when pulling pints to give my arms an equal workout, seriously I noticed my right bicep was bigger/ firmer than the other..image

  • Well just thought I would try and have a catch up but it's near impossible. Well done to all on some great race times, PBs and impressive runs. image

    Fiona - great MP run, you must be confident after that image

    I had to ditch my long run this weekend after 8 miles as I felt increasingly unwell as I went on, I am not going to be able to fit it in now so I think I will do the (16 with 12 at MP) next week instead of the 14 in the schedule. 

    I can't believe how quickly this thread moves on.. blink and you miss 4 pages! image

  • Extra long shift for me today so shifted my 8 miles GA  to last night, legs felt heavy from the MP run on Sunday at first but eased off with the miles.  Nice steady run.  Gives me a rest day today, from running, so enjoy your Tuesday all.

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    I just went to go for a sports massage, and the place was on fire!

  • Is this a Tim Vine one liner 15w?

    Tell more

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    No. Literally. Complete with fire engines etc. A fan heater had caught fire or something.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    as an aside feel really rough today and am staying home from work. Feel dizzy/sick....and have had plenty of visits to the loo...

  • Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Pottermiss & 15West. 15West, sounds like you need to just go back to bed and stay there and not try to eat anything till you're feeling better. Probably just as well you couldn't have a sports massage either! If someone tried that elbow-in-bottom manipulation on me when I had a stomach bug I'd probably just vomit on him.

    I did tomorrow's VO2 intervals in my 10-mile run this morning, as I wanted to leave extra recovery time before racing at the weekend. First time I've used the 'advanced workout' function on the Garmin for this, so I did all the intervals with the Garmin yelling at me to slow down. Probably good for me, as I tend to go too fast rather than too slow, but I'm not 100% convinced I got the pace zone right when programming it. Partly because I've never raced a 5k so had to guess what my pace would be if I did, but also how much of a range do others give themselves when setting the desired pace zone for intervals?

  • Good advice from Lit  for 15W, too good a time in London perhaps?  Pottermiss hope all is well soon.

    Lit  you could just use the Macmillan calculator to give you a 5k pace using timing off other races.

  • JF50 wrote (see)

    Lit  you could just use the Macmillan calculator to give you a 5k pace using timing off other races.

    Yeah, that's what I did, but I think I gave myself too much leeway in the target pace zone to go slower, and maybe not quite enough to go faster. Or maybe that's a good thing if I'm the sort of person who's going to try and race off faster than is good for me anyway?

  • Lit - last time I used this function it was through the RW garmin ready schedule and it gave 10 secs either side of target pace, but often got beeped at to slow down, I think my target pace was probably a bit off. I am feeling better now so will try the VO2 intervals tonight. 

    Went to Delamere over the weekend so just did a couple of 6/7 milers easy on Sunday and Monday as still getting over this tummy thing from Friday. I see from the parkrun website that Delamere parkrun is to start on 2nd March, I think that will then be my nearest image

    I am itching to do a half now especially as Helsby was cancelled, I have a choice of    10th March Ellesmere or 24th March Ironbridge, I would prefer to do the Ironbridge as my friend is doing it and it is supposed to be a really nice course etc. but it is only 4 weeks before London and common sense is telling me that 6 weeks out would be better. Both fall on 17 mile long run weekends so I could add the miles to the beginning and end to make it up to the distance. Is 4 weeks out to close to the marathon to do a Half?


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