P + D training for VLM 2013



  • I'm doing Manchester too Craig, although I'll be hobbling over the finishing line about an hour after you. Good work on getting out after your night shift. My gf works nights and she's always wrecked after a few of those. Night Nurse on this forum juggles shift work with running too, so kudos to you guys.
  • Same here SR. The mid week MLR can be real chore after a busy day in work. They always seem tougher to me than the Sunday long run which I can enjoy being out cross country in the light for. Did 15 last night at exactly the same pace as you! Out slow and built up towards the end. Good to get some miles in the bank after a very long hang over from the weekends stag do!

    Men - I knOw how you feel about the mojo. I lost it a week or so ago. Ended up cutting back, racing a race and came back a lot fresher. There is still plenty of time left so hopefully the upcoming race will give you your mojo back.
  • Welcome LTB, hope the shin splints doesn't stop you.  It's a tough schedule to try to follow with an injury like that.

    Out of the door again at 5am this morning for a 12 mile MLR.  Found it hard work, I guess on top of yesterday's 11 mile LT and just the heavier mileage at the moment not a total surprise.  That said I have had two huge downloads since breakfast.  The big bag of peanuts and raisins I had in the drawer at work yesterday, which should have lasted 3 days and went in one, obviously didn't enjoy the rideimage

    It was light enough on the last 3 miles or so to turn my headtorch off, blissimage

  • JF50 -  I thought briefly about doing the 12 MLR this morning as I have more time on a Thursday morning. but decided against it. I thought 11 with 7 LT last night and then 12 this morning was a bit ambitious image. Well done on completing it.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello all. Not on here so much as have a crazy dog to attend to. 6 recovery miles for me today. Another sunny day here up here in the grim north. Bit knackered at moment as not getting as much sleep as normal due to puppy.

    Hello LTB...agree with all the others, there are three key sessions you want to be doing, and in order of priority they are LSR, LT and then VO2. If you have shin splints though be careful as don't want to make worse. Apply ice to those sore areas after a run, and makde sure you have the correct shoes which are not worn out.

  • Crikey, JF50, 12 miles at 5am!  I am saving my recovery run till after work. I'm just slightly tempted to do 9 miles instead of the 6 in the programme to get my monthly total up to 200, but that might be a bit silly.

    15West, picture of the puppy, please.

    SR, I have the modified 1st edition image



  • Ha ha, thats me toldimage!!

    Lit - I prefer your version of PnD to mine!

    JF50 - 5am? Isnt it illegal to be out running at that ungodly hour?

  • Men although getting out of bed is a problem, though I have got used to it now two or three mornings a week, I find I run better in the morning than after a long day at work.  It also fits in with family and social life a bit better, if you can stay awake laterimage


  • Definitely cute and clever, can read the paper so young!  Has he got a drink problem alreadyimage

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    15w, very cute - but should you be letting it drink Fosters!?!

  • Some of those plants on the patio could do with a bit of a tidy up as well!

  • OMG that's adorable! He's so tiny! Won't be running with you for a little while, though, on those tiny legs.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    The fosters helps him sleep.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    and as for the plants - giving up on the garden this year as he just keeps on chewing everything...

  • awww, so cute!!!

    Today's 15 mile MLR d&d (at 4am ... needed to be in work early image) - split it into 6 x 2.5 miles. Plan was warm-up/steady/MP/steady/MP/cool-down. Worked out as 8:41-- 8:17 -- 7:40 -- 8:01 -- 7:42 -- 7:56. Crikey, I so didn't expect that, but priddy pleased now image.

    Ziggy: bugger about the sold out race -- any chance they can put you on the reserve list? Sometimes people get injured and want to drop out ... or perhaps they have a place swapping option? I did it one year in Brentwood -- it was sold out but I met a forumite who wanted to do a race closer to home that weekend so I got her place. I paid her the entry fee and an admin fee to the organisers and got my place.

    JF50: great stuff doing your tempo at 5am! Respect. I love my early morning running but I really really struggle with fast paces at that time. I tend to run LT or reps in the evening. So top marks for tenacity!

    I never did any of those tune up races and I don't think it did me any harmimage. What I like to do instead of a Saturday race (there aren't any where I live FFS) is a nice mixed pace run. Something like alternating MP/HMP for 5 mins each over 50 mins. HMP will make MP feel so easy, it's a miracle. Or a pyramid of slow/steady/MP/HMP/MP/steady/slow over 10 miles or so. But then my training plan bears little resemblance to the original schedule as I chop and change so much image

    Lit: you are so going to smash 40 mins in the 10k - you ran an 88:xx half so you are well capable of a fast 10k. They are the biggest bitch of all though - no other distance hurts as much (IMHO). 5k is over and done with quick, and 10 mile, HM, Mara are all long enough so that the pace doesn't hurt much. A 10k on the other hand ... image

    AG: if the 800s felt easy you didn't run them hard enoughimage   Intervals are meant to hurt. I bet your fitness has improved loads so that you are capable of running a much faster 5k than you based your paces on ...

    Mennania: zip up the mansuit and get your ass out there image  You are such a fast runner, it should be fun for you. If I had your speed I would do nothing but running image

    LTB: welcome! I'd say forget about target times and just live up to your name and enjoy the buzz. I think you probably need a 1:42 half for a sub 3:45 full but the first one is always different and the conversion ratio will be worse.

    literatin wrote (see)
    Chick, top stalking tip: look up her race number on the official results before you search for the photo. Also, green. image

    Just outed myself as a real rubbish stalker there, haven't I image

    No Pain wrote (see)

    Photos where well worth the Stalkimage But your all soooo youngimage

    Not all of us, NP, not all of us <img src='/forum/
  • No had time to read back yet, in the middle of shift and the extra one has really thrown me 15w that is soooooo cute  ! gorgeous image

    did 11 mlr last night and felt a bit sluggish, should have been 15 but taking it really easy till sundays half 2 night shifts down 2 to go image

    will read back when I got 5 minutes..

  • Stalking done image

    HeOw: you look stunning!  I hate you image 

    And lit looks like she's about 15 image. Lit, I love the pic where you just chick runner 2667 image He looks like he's going to pass out any minute while you comfortable stride along. Ace!!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    where are these pics everyone is on about?! I MUST SEE!

  • 8m GA today.  Seem to have aggravated the ankle, so I'm icing and taking anti-inflammatories.  I didn't really notice it until I got back home. I'll shelve tomorrow's 5m run if it doesn't improve overnight.

    Al runs - I found a profile of Silverstone on garmin connect.  Steepest incline that I can see is about 2% for 0.4 miles at around the 8 mile mark, and there's only about 40ft difference between low point and high point on the course. The final mile is fairly steady incline, but average only about 0.6%. So if anything goes wrong, I can't blame the hills image  The current weather forecast for Sunday is looking pretty good (finger's crossed!).

  • Bah, still in the office. Another dark recovery run for me!

    Chick, I think that runner beat me in the end, but he did look like he wasn't enjoying it!

    15West, the pics are findable in the public domain but only to those with advanced stalking skills. I would like to add that I am devastatingly good-looking in real life, even if I do look like a grimacing 15-year-old boy when doing running. HeOw looks like a sportswear model.

    Ten, be careful with that ankle! Hope it gets better for the race, and do plenty of stretching.

  • Ten - Take care of the ankle, I hope it eases off quickly. 

    15W - very very cute, I almost want one.. image almost..

    Chick and J50 - running in virtually the middle of the night, if my OH caught me getting up that early to run he would get me carted off. Well done, it can be difficult fitting it all in. 

    HeOw - I think whoever found your running jacket in Delamere also got lucky with my best pair of gloves, I haven't seen them since leaving Delamere that weekend. 

    My LT run last night was reduced slightly to 5 miles LT with 2 easy either side, I just didn't have time to get it all in, I was relieved though really as I found it hard going after doing the marathon pace run on Sunday. I am back on Schedule now though, did a small recovery run tonight so only have the 12 and the 20 to do between now and Sunday.

    The only stalking I have 'accidently' done is when HeOw popped up on my facebook as we have a friend in common, she does look like a sportswear model! image

  • Well done on the super running everyone.

    AG - it sounds like you need to run those intervals a little faster to me. I found a similar thing to you when I did them so I just pushed a bit more.

    Lit - that sounds like a great run to me

    LTB - welcome. I'm impressed you even considered this plan for your first marathon. I don't think I went beyond 40 miles max the first time I trained for the distance. Cutting back is probably the sensible thing to do.

    I did 11 miles with 7 @ LT pace . Average 8:10 for the LT bit which was the same as last time so pleased and HR never reached the top alert even on the hills so getting better. Rest day tomorrow image
  • Oh what happened there? That's yesterday's post!
  • Pottermiss - friend me on Facebook please! 

    Ha ha ha I am in no shape or form looking like a sportswear model but thank you for the compliment you lovely people.  Photos hide a multitude of sins and I ama hag in real life and for each decent one there is of me there are 100 truly dreadful ones. 

    15W - bloody lovely bitch you have there.  Is it a bitch or a Fosters swilling red blooded dawg...? 

    Right, just going to look at what you have all done today running wise.  It may take me a few hours to respond because I may become distracted by a totally time wasting thread by David Falconer the Third.

  • HeOw - have done that, I think you will know it's me image

  • 266.27 miles at an average 8.1 mph for February.  More than January on three less days. Compares to 166.18 miles at 8.8 mph for February last year.  I am running more miles but slower.

  • I've 'only' done 197.22 for Feb. Decided I couldn't be bothered with the extra 2.78 in the end. Still more than Jan, though.

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