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  • Definitely a day where people are starting to feel the programme.  Looking at the schedule for March it pretty much repeats every week give or take a mile here and there, so her's hoping the legs enjoy that feeling from this morningimage

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Chick - it feels so good to get that dreaded session done! image

    Really feeling the lethargy today, so my 9m recovery run was super slow and easy.  I averaged 10:39 pace, with my heart rate average 134bpm.  It peaked at 144bpm, which was still below my 148bpm ceiling.  I certainly feel like I need the rest day tomorrow.

    I did a quick comparison with my training last year.  My mileage in Jan/Feb was 120m and 72m respectively, while this year it has been 193m and 196m respectively (ie. double the amount image).  With the exception of a HM race, it wasn't until the last week in March that I started running outdoors (for my first 20m run of the program)!

  • Hope those who are injured and ill are feeling better soon, I'm another one feeling quite tired but it's quite normal when we get this close to a big race.

    Some more good runs clocked up today, I've swapped sessions around again this week so yesterday was a double recovery run day, today I did the vo2 max session so 5x600 reps.

    I decided to run on the track today which definitely felt quicker than the road, I was running the reps at about 5.35 pace and it felt ok actually.

    Just trying to remember to recover properly after runs now so it's lots of stretching, foam rolling and trying to eat and drink well.

    It's getting serious now! image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, working yesterday and last night so did not get on here, nice to see some good running still going on. NN and HeOw hope your both feeling better soon.

    two Tempo sessions yesterday and 15 miles MLR today apart from that no niggles just the normal feeling in the legs for this stage of training.image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    thanks guys image

    Al Runs wrote (see)

     Which means the 18M w 14M mara pace is now the most feared...

    image  I don't have one of those - the worst was 17 with 12 @ MP I think. I have my very own horror MP sesh though: 22 miles with 3 x 5 at MP in there. I made this up some time ago. The last 5 miles feel almost impossible to do but in a slightly perverse and masochistic way it's a great workout.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Chick that's the sort of long run I likeimage great for the head.
  • Chickadee - great tempo, very envious of those splits!  I hope within time, I will be running similar.  

    NoPain - 2 TEMPO sessions in one day? Then a 15 miler?!  Gordon Bennett.  image   Have you ever been injured?  Do you not niggle at all? 

    Ten - that is fantastic re the mileage.  Well done.  What's the plan for next year, double it again?! 

    Mark - great session. 

    Foot still pissing me off, I am not the right personality to be benched.  Hopefully it is better tomorrow, the Pod promised me it would.  I shall hunt him down and torture him with pins if he is wrong.  

  • Never seen podiatry in the list of most dangerous jobs beforeimage

  • He's on me hitlist JF50 if this acupuncture hasn't worked. 

  • Think it's driving NN mad as well not running, though she hasn't talked about taking anybody out, though I didn't catch the end of her spat with DF3 yesterday.  I think Lit may be dealing with him firstimage

  • HeOw, Can you cross train at the moment?
  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Evening all,

    some great running going on today, especially Chick's tempo. I must say it's not surprising everyone's feeling a bit tired since most of you raced a half a few days ago. I'm feeling pretty bouncy as it's longer since my race, but was greatful for the club run to motivate me to do my MLR tonight, as I didn't have to do the whole thing on my own. So 15.2 miles at a much more sensible pace than last week's marathon-paced effort! Just over two hours in total.

    HeOw, I know exactly how you feel as when I had to take that week off with the achilles thing it made me seriously bad-tempered and I was also insanely jealous every time I saw anyone doing any running. Hope you're better tomorrow, and a pity you can't come to trapeze class with me: great for the core and no pressure on the feet at all. image

  • JF50 wrote (see)

    Think it's driving NN mad as well not running, though she hasn't talked about taking anybody out, though I didn't catch the end of her spat with DF3 yesterday.  I think Lit may be dealing with him firstimage

    Well !! imagine this..got here (my sons) 200 miles away, 3.5 hour drive including m25 !! had a cup of tea made for me and then within half an hour my son says " mum" I knew what was coming..even at 31 they know when to sound sheepish...." I know you just got here, but do you mind watching the boys while I go for a quick blast on the bike !!!..

    No that's fine I say through gritted teeth, not that I mind having the boys but he was going for some exercise and I was jealous of my own son...lol,,then when my daughter in law comes in she goes out for a run !!!!..oh well at least they are setting a good example I guess..

    I do feel better and will get out at some point tomorrow image

    fabulous tempo run chick and well done everyone else on the mlrs which is what I should have done today..

    NP that is a couple days of serious training well done as ususal..

    Lit you are a bouncy young aren't you...trapeze image think I will stick to the pilates myself though

    Heow acupuncture sounds a bit different , how long are you meant to give it before you see an improvement ? and same here the bench does not suit me at all..3 days no running, is about my limit I have never had to take time out for injury ever !! I am lucky so when I have to stop for this kind of thing I feel fat bloated and bad  tempered , the grandkids are safe though image

    I would like to add I do actually find DF3 quite entertaining....from a distance I reckon he is an old banned poster dome back with new log in,

  • Double post for some reason. sorry

  • Did the 14 miler tonight.  Wet outside but not as cold now.

  • It looks like its getting to the injury stage of the training. Really hope that everyones niggles aer just niggles and you are all back up and running ASAP. On the bright side you will be well rested and in a good place to smash the remaining weeks of training, with the comfort of already having loads of miles in the bag. A few days missed shouldn't count for much in the long run.

    I'm also starting to feel a bit knackered and niggly. Tonight's 14 miler was really tough mentally and physically. Get it done at 7.30 pace, which is the slowest a med run has been for a while and certainly no MP miles at the end tonight - steady all the way!

    The legs were hurting from last nights speed work and I just felt very tired and stiff. Being busy in work and not being able to eat properly is certainly not helping - I need fuel to run goddamit! Which has led me to book the 3 days prior to the marathon as annual leave so that nothing (hopefully) can get in the way of my eating!!

    P.S - N.P you are a machine!

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    NN, hope you manage to get out tomorrow. I had the tummy bug a couple of weeks ago so I can sympathise.

    I ran my HM on Sunday and was one minute off my PB at 1:45. A bit disappointing but I hope it's down to the heavy (for me) mileage. I got a sore throat right afterwards too. It sounds like the training is taking its toll on most of us now!
  • Did 4 miles recovery this morning, doing the remaining 6 plus strides this evening.  Goiing in late today so taking oppurtunity to do split my recovery.

  • 5 mile recovery this morning with 6 x 100m strides, legs felt much fresher than yesterday.  I quite enjoyed the stridesimage

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all - hope all are feeling ok out there. Any good news on the foot this morning HeOw?

    I have a double day today, 6 this morning, 4 later. Got some strides in there top which am not really looking forward to....

    I see that winter is back - going to get cold this weekend too.

  • Go Caz - sorry you are disappointed, a race isn't always an indicator of fitness, lots of factors can mean you don't PB (like you say, you aren't feeling yourself), so don't feel down about it, look at it like you did a brilliant run under the weather, so imagine what you could do running at 100%.  The time of year hard to race I find, so many bugs about, you never know if you aren't about to come down with an illness.  

    15W - thanks for asking, the tendon is still creaking a bit so will ring Pod in a mo and see if he thinks I should run, all the inflammation has gone and I could definitely do a recovery run but will see what his advice is.  I think testing it tonight on a 4 miler recovery might be an idea as I could have this creaky feeling for a while.  At least then I know tomorrow, if it is worse that I need to totally rest until it is gone.  Hmm.  Bastard running, it is a mug's game...  image image  It tears you apart when you can't do it!  Knackered though, just shows me, running isn't the only thing that tires me out!

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    GoCaz - I agree with HeOw, and so does P&D.  Page 29 (2nd Ed.) warns against misinterpreting the result of tune-up racing during training.  As they say: "It's important to put the result in the context of the situation."

    Good luck with the foot HeOw.

    15w - you're full of the joys of spring image

  • Rang Podiatrist - he said the creaking will still be the tendon slightly inflammed (the acupunture will have helped relieve pressure from tendon) but that total rest won't do it any good either - so he advised me to do a slow run and reassess it.  Fingers crossed, it goes ok.  Will do 5-6 miles recovery, the foot doesn't seem to notice much under that so will be wasting my time otherwise.  Won't do any strides etc.  

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Go Caz, don't worry about the race - I was also over a minute off my PB on the weekend and so was NN.  It is slightly discouraging seeing other people setting PBs on the P&D training, but its just a stepping stone to the main event and doesn't matter in the wider plan (when you think about it 1 min over 13 miles is very little difference)

    HeOw, good luck on your run - its got to be good when the pod is encouraging you to run image  

  • Sensible behaviour HeOw, in fact very well behavedimage

    So the subject of what to do about the warm up races is probably with most of us this week.  I am working Saturday so can't get to a Parkrun for 5k of it so have decided I will probably run a 10 miler with a 10k tempo in there, sort of my own race.  Has the advantage of I know I will win, though I could take on my Garmin and see how good that is.

    If there is an equivalent thread running on the US site they are all probably picking the best 15k race to go to on Saturdayimage

  • Morning everybody, hope everybody is feeling ok.  After my not so enjoyable 16 yesterday with heavy legs, the 5 mile recovery was very welcoming today, feel a lot fresher in the legs now ready for tomorrows tempo.

    HeOw hope you foot sorts itself out quickly.

    Just a question on medioum long runs, me myself start out around 7:50-8:00 min/mile pace and gradually increase it to around 7:35-7:40 and finiah around 7:20 which is 10% slower than my marathon pace 6:40.  Am I doing it correct as I have noticed a few running them faster?  

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Craig - think that is spot on. I tend to run my MLR's as fast as I feel like on the day...which probably isn't the best idea.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Looks about right Craig.  Start out at MP+20%, then gradually increase pace and run the final five miles or thereabouts at MP+10%.

  • Craig P&D say to run the first 5 miles at about 20% slower and the rest of the run at 10% slower. I think most people throw in a couple of MP miles in as well at the end, though the schedule doesn't ask for this.  Pretty much what I have done, those slower miles are important physiologically to get you burning a bit of fat and not just grabbing glycogen.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    JF50 wrote (see)

    Craig P&D say to run the first 5 miles at about 20% slower and the rest of the run at 10% slower. 

    JF50 - That's not what it says in 2nd Ed.  -  See p16 2nd paragraph.

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