Asics Nimbus Alternatives

Hello all

I am in training for a couple of spring marathons (as always seems to be the case !!) ... I seem to be getting through shoes like there's no tomorrow...

I had a gait analysis (neutral) but need a fairly cushioned shoe because of my overly Gimpy knees !!..

I have always stuck by Asics Nimbus and love the last 13`s and like the look of the bright 14`s...

The problem is after only about 100-150 miles the outside heel and toe push off area) is so worn down that I feel it affects my stride and the knee then begins to complain, leading to me favouring the left one and it all goes to rats...                    I should point out that I'm not an overly big fella ...5'10"...11.5 stones...ahem!!! .oh alright then 12 stones...!!! 

So ..are there any comparable shoes that are maybe a little harder wearing than the Nimbus? 


  • Sounds like you could maybe benefit from re-assessing the way you run and whether you could 'learn' to be lighter on your feet. If you're not even 12 stone yet are knackering new shoes within 100 miles, the way you're running could well be contributing to your gimpy knees! I don't know if that's in any way helpful or not, but it's just the first thought I had when reading your post...

    I usually wear Asics Cumulus (also neutral and cushioned) and recently got a pair of Brooks Ghosts to try, on the basis that they were similar but firmer and harder wearing - I also wreck my shoes fairly quickly. I can't comment yet on whether they're better as I've only worn them a couple of times so far.

  • I have used Cumulus shoes and Nimbus ones and always found the heels would get worn down far before the rest of the shoe showed signs of wear.  Even went and got Shoe Goo - to build up the heel area, but this didn't last very long.

    What has made a major difference this yeart is that I changed my running style from landing on my heels to landing mid sole.  It took a while to get used to this, but I feel that I get less aches in the legs and the shoes have not worn down on the edge of the heels.

    Current shoes have done 850 miles!

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