Training Partner - Essex

I am lining up several events for next year starting in May but at present am training solo.  Is there anybody in the South Essex in need of a training partner to help motivate?


  • There are lots of running clubs in South Essex:

    Basildon AC
    Billericay Striders
    Benfleet Running Club
    Castle Point Joggers
    Phoenix Striders
    Pitsea Running Club
    Thurrock Harriers

    Clubs are not all racing snakes.

  • A comprehensive list from Wilkie, BUT depending on where you are based - I would take Thurrock and Basildon out of the equation and head for one of the others.

  • Why take the Harriers out Grendel?

    Lee i'm near Lakeside if that helps and always happy to meet up for longer rides and runs.

  • I am in Rainham which is London side of Thurrock.  I am considering the Havering '90 Joggers.  But it would also be nice to have somebody with similar aims and targets to myself.   

  • I run with thurrock nomads (no relation to the harriers), just a group of people that like running.

    Most of my cycling is now turbo based now its winter but will look to arrange some longer rides if people are interested, theres a few others like Slag and button mushroom that are Hornchurch way too.


  • Hi lee Dow 4 i live in hornchurch and run around rainham monday, wednesday and friday if you need a running partner inbox me.

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