Tea, coffee or something else?



  • Instant coffee, 2 sugars (brown), full cream milk. Sometimes tea  (English Breakfast) with a touch of milk and two sugars (white)

  • I like my tea to be hot, really hot. Non of this luke warm stuff.

  • Currently on Pau D'Arco tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

    I would rather have a "something else" - red wine, brandy or whisky.

  • PSC wrote (see)

    what a rediculous question................. TEA,of course.  This is RW.co.uk not .com!

    Actually it's spelled ridiculous!

  • Oh I absolutely HATE coffee of any sort in any shape or form, can't stand the taste, smell, look or antthing! Same with chocolate.

    I have a sugary tea when tearful & stressy to balance me out a bit but other than that I live on cold milk & cold water with the odd vegetarian soup tossed in for good measure!

    Booze-wise I love O'Gradys. White Mist. Irish Meadow & other similar things & a nice light Polish lagar called Lech.

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