What now?


New to this I completed my first ever event on Sunday the Great south run and really enjoyed it - I decided to start running as my hectic work life which includes a lot of travelling internationally was starting to stress me out - I found running a fantastic mind cleanser! I finished the GSR in 1.22 which I am told is quite respectable for a first timer - I was delighted to finish although I struggled on the last few miles and a half marathon seems a long distance to me now compared with 10 Miles!!

My question is what would people suggest I move to now my ultimate goal will be to complete a marathon but because of my work schedule I can only train 2-3 times a week usually an hour at a time - Sunday mornings I have been doing a 1.20 run.

I dont think feel a marathon is acheivable in 2013 but find the motivation of having a event makes me train even if I dont feel like it sometimes!

There is a half marathon local to me in Gosport in 3 weeks time would this be to soon after the run I did Sunday and what training advise would people no give me to go upto the Half Marathon distance?

I want to keep this going now so any advise is very well received. Thanks.

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