Forces March-5 Marathons in 5days

Hi all i wondered how many of you have tried this event  and if you havent tried it yet how many of you would try it...

I have done it now for the last 3 years and each year it gets better and better we get people aged up to 83 taking part and last year an 82 yr old from the British virgin isles took part too.It was a fantastic event not just about the running but also the bond we all had each evening,taking care of each other,fantastic physio teams working round the clock for free,food prepared for everyone you were really taken care of..


let me know your thoughts please..


  • Our team has taken part in this amazing event for the last 2 years. After the 1st year we said never again, but the 2nd year was so worth coming back for. We met some amazing people, posted some great running times over the 5 days, saw amazing scenery and do you know what, said "Never Again". Guess what, we are going back, as we would hate to say we wasnt there. 

    One of the best things you will ever do, which we get you fitter than you have ever been and challenge you each day

  • Mr Bell it wouldn't be the same without you all and each time you say never again I know you will be thereimage The Forces March family how could you not be part of it ...xx


  • The Forces March is made amazing by amazing people. The route is spectacular and the scenery and townsfolk make it very special but it is the common bond and shared experiences that really make this so unique and memorable.

    We've got some real treats in store for 2013 too!

    Feedback is vital so please keep your comments coming in.....

    Thank you Amanda! x

  • It starts in Ilfracombe; which means that if you enter you will see Damian Hurst's 'Verity'! Surely you do not need a better reason?

  • A few interesting running facts about The Forces March:

    *In 2011, 83 year old Bedford Harrier, Iva Barr became the oldest participant. She had completed the London Marathon that year in 6hrs!

    *In 2012, 82 year old Robin Tattersall flew all the way from the British Virgin Islands to take part. He raised more than £9000, was awarded The Mark Hale Trophy for Most Outstanding Participant and later acted as Team Doctor for the BVI Olympic Team!

    *In 2010, Dave Pell completed every stage in under 4 hours each!

    *Several participants have completed their 100th marathon during The Forces March!

    *World-Record holder, Wendy Shaw has completed The Forces March 3 times. She has entered for 2013 too!

    *Kaja Kosla, creator of the Liverbird Marathon Double has taken part every year and is usually the first person to enter The Forces March!

    *More than £200,000 has been raised for The Veterans Charity by participants during the last three years


    Now featured in the latest newsletter from The Running Bug!

  • looked interested..but then discovered that military personel only had to raise half the amount of non military........can't see the reason behind this as surely the charity must be even nore dearer to them than the general public

  • Hi thanks for your reply. We have reduced the target for serving military as it is much more difficult for them to raise sponsorship money whilst on active duty. Many units have their own charities to support as well and we want to make The Forces March as inclusive as possible. This is a recent decision based on the last 3 years.

    There are more than 5 million Veterans in the UK and the vast majority of us know or are related to someone who has served in the Armed Forces. We are very proud of the amount of support we get from current service personnel but we are all too aware of the huge demands placed on their time.


    I hope you will join the adventure in May.

  • thanks for the info........I'm suprised that if they are on active duty that they can take part in the march.......

     Hope that it is a success.....but for me its too much money to raise as I'm not employed and so have no work mates to support me...

     have  a good event

  • They cant take part if their on deployment outside the UK but many units have a 'rear party' etc that can field a team.

    The fundraising target is exactly that, a 'target' and not an entry requirement. The requirement is that all participants raise sponsorship for The Veterans Charity but if people don't reach the target, we not going to be stopping anyone from taking part.

    We want everyone to enjoy the event and make a difference in every way they can.

  • This looks awesome! I am still a new runner but one day I would love to enter something like this. I wish you all a fantastic time and hope that loads of money is raised for the veterans charity... have fun!!

  • I did this on in the first year and the memories  will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    It was then and still is now the best running experience i have ever had.

  • Thank you for such wonderful feedback. We always try to make The Forces March a really unique and memorable adventure and it's great to know you enjoyed it so much.

    We hope you will join us for another one day.

  • Bikerbabe1971 wrote (see)

    This looks awesome! I am still a new runner but one day I would love to enter something like this. I wish you all a fantastic time and hope that loads of money is raised for the veterans charity... have fun!!

    Thank you. The Forces March attracts people fo all ability and experience levels. It is certainly not an easy challenge and the route is highly demanding BUT there is always a mix of walkers and runners and the bond that forms amongst everyone is very special. It is what most participants say gets them through it all (well, that and the amazing physio team! lol)

    Why not join us for just one or two stages? Every day is open to everyone. You can do a single stage or any combination of the 5. It's about being a part of it and helping to raise money for our Veterans.

  • Entry fees for JANUARY entries into The Forces March have been reduced to just £109!! That's a whopping £40 saving. Hurry though, the discount is only for entries placed during January!

  • Seren I sympathise, I'm all done in with Charities, and cannot go to the same people again, I am missing out on good events though.

  • Perhaps we should think about setting a higher level of entry fee for those who would like to take part but don't want the pressure of having to raise sponsorship? This would mean you get to take part and the charity raises vital funds too!

    Would this appeal to you? Please let us have your feedback.


  • I don't know if I can speak for others but that is something I've suggested in the past, and it would be appealing

  • Thank you for your comments EKGO. We will have a look into it!

  • For those intending to take part, there are just 2 days left to qualify for the huge January discounts on entry.


    Visit to find out more about the adventure and what's in store for those taking part.

  • this event is brilliant .

    If you get the chance to do it then go for it.


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