Berlin Marathon 2013

Hi, thought I'd start this thread - as I didn't see any others out there yet.

I've just booked my flights with Lufthansa this morning and am already looking forward to next Autumn. Accomodation already sorted.

I love Berlin and the marathon is a special event. 2012 was superb, great weather, fantastic crowd. The entry experience was bizarre and incredibly quick to fill this year - it's no wonder it's increasingly popular though.

Anyone else in for it?!



  • I managed to register a place and apparently all pre-registration were filled up in 3 hours. 

  • i've registered too -if anyone can recommend any good but not too expensive hotels let me know. Last time I was in Berlin for the marathon in 09, we were sleeping above a night club and I managed about 45 mins sleep before the alarm went off!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    IM2 - I'm in image

    I know that quite a few people have had their confirmations and paid their money but it looks like they're going through in order of pre-registration.

    I only just got in at the 110E mark, so I may be waiting a bit longer image

  • That's spooky - my email from then just arrived in my inbox! My email also says 110 euros - is that the price everybody pays or does it go up in increments? I donlt remember it being that much ...

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    KarenG - There were waves, depending on how quickly you got in. I think it was 65, 85 and 100 E (but I stand to be corrected).

    When it sells out in 3.5 hours though, you get what you're given image

  • I signed up for this and got a place at €110. I'm not 100% sure if I'll actually go through with it though. Does anybody know would it be a problem to sell on my bib if I didn't go? €110 is quite a bit to pay if you don't turn up on the day!

  • Hi Orbutt - just got mine and I was in the 90 Euro group. Expensive when you add the t-shirts (and I'm a sucker for them...) I've also just bought the flights today, so an expensive day, marathon-wise!

    Karen - that's grim. I booked with this year, stayed in a really cool place in Keuzberg for £27/night. Check it out for a slightly more residential (and affordable) place where you're more likely to be able to sort your own food on the morning of the run... And wherever you book - remember to read the reviews and take earplugs just in case!

    Gerry, I don't think you can, have you checked out the website?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    I'm another one in for Berlin. Really looking forward to it! Flights and accommodation all sorted out. There's also an event on Facebook for anyone that's want to join that too... people are discussing accommodation etc but I think or airbnb are your best bets.

    I also received my pre reg docs today and am fully signed up!

  • I'm in! I booked my flights just now, flying with Lufthansa. Now looking at accommodation options, all seems quite pricey if you're not staying in a hostel! I am really excited about doing this, but at the moment I'm thinking how quickly all the costs add up! Oh well, once in a lifetime and all that! image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Got my sign up email this afternoon, so all paid up. 110e plus T-shirt (me too Iain image)

    Ready to go.

    BTW, how do they allocate starting pens? I was expecting to opt for a pen, like Paris, but aside from asking for my previous time there was no way of knowing how I might do.

  • Still haven't had my email image

  • RC - no worries. They weren't supposed to come til next week anyway.

    Orbutt - I think you find out closer to the time. It's weird - you're judged on past performance as opposed to what you hope for. I suppose that does get rid of the Great North Run issue of passing slow people all the way to the end...
  • Emmy - 'event on Facebook' - does that mean we non-Facebookers are missing out?!
  • quick question re Berlin. Assuming it starts at 9am. If i run it in 5 hours can i make to Tegal by say 4-4.30pm? Is the metro system quick? (like London)

  • Hi All, just signed up. One of the lucky one's I guess as I managed a 60E slot. Ordered the Finishers T-shirt as well.

    Orbutt- Think they base your pen by your previous time, seems like they did that with me last 2 years.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    DW - thanks. Can you swap pens if you 'improve' in the meantime?

  • Orbutt- I know of someone who 'upgraded' their pen at Berlin by taking proof of their time of a marathon they did after entering.

  • The Jimbob - the metro system doesn't actually go to the airport.You'll need to get a bus which you can get from Unter den Linden (close to the finish) however, you will want to check bus timetables as Unter den Linden is also part of the marathon course so diversions will definitely be on that day.

    David & IM2 - I see you both couldn't resist another stab at it!

  • Johnas- Really enjoyed this years race evren though I was 1 min 45 secs out of a pb. Really going to try and smash my pb at Berlin next year. Enjoyed the post marathon beers with Iain and it was a pitty we didn't get to meet up with the rest of the guys at the georgbraeu. We enjoyed a few there before we headed into Berlin for a few more.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Jimbob - there is also a frequent bus link to Tegel from Kurt-Schumacher Platz underground station - that is well outside the marathon course, so all buses will be running normally from there at least.  Underground trains from Friedrichstrasse (walking distance from the finish) take about 15-20 mins direct to KSP, and from there the bus is somewhere around 20 to 30 mins as fas as I can recall.

    You can even stay at Kurt-Schumacher Platz, as I did this year (paying the price of not checking properly before confirming the booking), which is lovely if you enjoy looking at the underside of aircraft.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    DM20 - thanks for the advice. It might be something I consider doing - providing I can improve my time image


  • I am in all paid for looking at flights and accommodation now

    Aiming for 3:15 to 3:25 depending on injury weight loss and training, previous best 3:28 in 2009 whilst also doing ironman triathlons but now back to just running so hope focused training will pay off
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Iain - nah - i'm one of those people that thinks more the merrierimage They are the ones that gave me a bit of advice about travel etc... i'm loyal to the thread... promiseimage

  • Hi peeps!

    I am in toooooo!image Flights booked, accomodation sorted..........House party Emmy?!?!?image

    The boring things getting fit and

  • David, Johnas - yup, we're all suckers. After under-performing this year (and last year!), I'm giving it one last go at a Berlin PB. As with Orbutt, I'll be hoping to complete a decent time in Paris in April too...
  • Just completed registration.

    Flights booked - Lufthansa from Manc-land Fri-Tues.

  • Panic over. Finally got my email and code this morning. Registered OK -- though still haven't had confirmation email of registration! But anyway, now that they've taken my money, I don't think i need worry.

    I got in at the 60 euro price though splashed out 50 euros on the 2 shirts. Still, glad I'm in and I don't mind. Looking forward to it, as long as injuries leave me alone. 

  • DLR - good stuff. Looks like you, Orbutt, Kaz and I have the same marathon aims next year...
  • Iain - I think RS is in there too!image

    Interested in the transport links. I printed  out a transport system map thing, but I canna see it properly. (need a magnifying glass!)  Needing to work out route from  the airport into accomodation. Plenty of time thou.

  • Kaz - yes, I forgot RS is up for it too. A big Paris based team!

    Don't worry about the transport links. It's so easy - way better than Paris. Plenty of time to sort it out. If you're flying to Schonefeld there's a train, 45 mins to the central station. The bus from Tegel takes 30mins or so to Zoo Station or the Brandenburg Gate. Getting about on the s-bahn or u-bahn is self explanatory and all you need is a day pass - around 5 euros.
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