Berlin Marathon 2013



  • I'm in for the GNR!!!  cheers to all that supplied links to enter the ballot!

    Sticky88 - stick with it. imageimage

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭
    Great news RS and fingers crossed Sticky
  • Thanks Radar Sal and EHN, but it looks like I'll have to wait for Berlin, didn't get THE email. I have buried any hope for VLM13

    Congrats Radar Sal, that's great image, it'll be a nice warm up for Berlin.

    Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you're up to!

  • Warm up for Berlin?!

    The GNR is just the best.

    Well done RS. Can't wait.

    Stay cool, all.
  • I'm in for Paris, as are many others on this thread, but I'm already aiming for this one. Paris is a bust as my prep has been awful, but looking forward to getting around.

    For Berlin, all I want is to beat last year (4hr25) and am already planning how I'll be better organised and committed... Best laid plans and all that!

    Had yet another change from Lufthansa - is this going to continue all the way up to flight time? Oh, and they've emailed me and asked me to ring back - on an internartional number... Which I'm not going to!

  • Iain- you should have just used Easy jet mate. Got mine flying out from Glasgow Friday morning and fly back Monday morning, although I'm not going for a record of 3 years in a row having a last minute dash to airport like I have last 2 years
  • David - I will next time! How's things? I'm out early this year too, to avoid the mad scramble on Saturday and maybe make the breakfast run instead...
  • Just recovering from a chest infection that has cost me 2 weeks of training.  Training had been going great up until then as I was training for a local Half Marathon. Started back training this week , but lost a lot of fitness.

    Got accommodation near the expo this year so planning on getting race number as soon as I arrive early Friday afternoon to avoid the fiasco of picking it up like I did on the Saturday last year. 

    Going to start Marathon training in April this year as going to Tenerife with the Wife and Daughter last week in May, 2 days after running the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Will take running gear on holiday with me though.

    Hows you been? Training going well?


  • Iain- you should have just used Easy jet mate. Got mine flying out from Glasgow Friday morning and fly back Monday morning, although I'm not going for a record of 3 years in a row having a last minute dash to airport like I have last 2 years
  • David - training been pretty awful with month-long viral type thing in January. Up to 24k. Brighton Half on Sunday - it'll be very slow! Looking forward to doing it right (hopefully) for Berlin attempt 3!

    Hope you get back to full ftness really soon.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    David - I don't think that I'd like to try it myself.

    Well, Lufthansa have done it again. My direct flight home on the Monday now goes via Dusseldorf, there are no longer any direct flights between Berlin and Manchester.

    I've lost count of how many times my flight has been changed and its only March. image
  • Same here 3rd or 4th change on the Friday from Birmingham with over 6 months to go how many more?????
  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

    Hi David,

    Just read that article and its interesting but I need to clock those miles on my long runs for the physical and mental beneift but who knows if I was 20 years younger and had the body and mind of an athelete???I am no.1 fan of the Run Less,Run Faster programme by Messrs Pierce,Murr and Moss image


  • Got an email today from lufthansa saying they have canceled the Manchester to Berlin route !! image so I need to fly from manchester to dusseldorf ... and dusseldorf to berlin image 




  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Donkey - at least they told you the reason. They just sent me an email containing the changes, I had to work out what the changes were.

    I'm very surprised at how much hassle I've had through Lufthansa as I've had less hassle when booking through the, so called, budget airlines.
  • Orbut, EHN- I work in the Fitness industry and this type of training (short all out efforts) is really popular at the moment. I introduced a class called Metafit at the club where I work at the start of the year and the members cant get enough. When it comes to marathon training though I'm more of a traditionalist and I'm a great advocate of the long run being the most important run of your program. For Berlin I am aiming for 5 X 20 mile runs (I follow pfitzinger and douglas 55 mile program). Long runs are the corner stone of marathon running and I feel that with the long run it gives your body a feel for what its going to be like when you hit 20+ miles in the race.

    Cant believe all the problems that some of you guys  are experiencing with Lufthansa

  • I got an email from lufudgingthansa last week too!!  tried to swap me to a 7.30am flight!!  I called and they changed it to 12ish so I'm okay now...but REALLY annoying.  If I hadn't seen all your trouble on here I wouldn't have know.  The forum wins again!

  • Another run in sleet and horizontal rain today.

    Another sore throat and viral illness.

    Anyone else SICK TO DEATH of Winter yet?

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Iain - I'm pretty sure that as soon as it starts to get sunny I'll start whining that its too hotimage
  • Orbutt - me too!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    At the moment i'd love some warmth. It's currently -8 in Belgium

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

    Cold and miserable in London (that's me and the weather!!image)

  • hi all, just received news today that ive managed to get an entry through work for this marathon, wondering if anyone has info on the marathon itself and berlin in terms of climate etc at this time of year?

  • Jason - great news.

    Berlin is a marvellous place, the Marathon shows the city at its best. The temperature in late September is excellent running weather. The last two years it's been cool but sunny, heating up towards 12pm. Both times, when I have finished (around 4hr30 each time), I've just laid down in front of the Reichstag, stretched and listened to music in the sun for an hour before heading back to the hotel.

    Transport links are brilliant and reliable. I am usually starting way back, but it usually takes no more than 15-17 mins to cross the start line.

    I'm looking forward to it again this year. I'm in Paris next month which is going to be a bust. (This is the one where it all comes together!)
  • 2011-cool? Iain
  • I second that David. If my memory serves me correctly it was anything but cool, then again I am from the far North!!image

  • Must have been at least 20 degrees C. Not exactly the weather I trained in @ central Scotland
  • David, Kaz - It may have been, later on. I can't remember it was that hot - you two must've been melting!
  • 6 months, people. 6 months.

    That is all.
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