Berlin Marathon 2013



  • Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)

    Jase - rest. 

    Louise - take the week off. Do parkrun Saturday. 

    +1 on that advice!

  • I make it just under 22 weeks to go.  Not that I've been counting.  Much.

    It'll be P&D up to 55 for Berlin, assuming my 5 week ramp up from zero miles a week goes ok.  So far so good.

  • Radar Sal wrote (see)

    Hello SD1 - I'm pretty sure the places aren't transferrable and it'd be quite a risk for anyone to give you their number (they're liable if anything happens), sorry.  There are some charity places available though with no where near the amounts required for London (£300-£500 I think).


    Radar Sal wrote (see)

    Hello SD1 - I'm pretty sure the places aren't transferrable and it'd be quite a risk for anyone to give you their number (they're liable if anything happens), sorry.  There are some charity places available though with no where near the amounts required for London (£300-£500 I think).


    Radar Sal wrote (see)

    Hello SD1 - I'm pretty sure the places aren't transferrable and it'd be quite a risk for anyone to give you their number (they're liable if anything happens), sorry.  There are some charity places available though with no where near the amounts required for London (£300-£500 I think).

    Thanks Radar Sal.

  • Yeah I am forcing myself to rest.  Been to physio this morning (should prob point out I've Edinburgh in four weeks before Berlin).  Physio thinks I should begin my taper period now - I had intended starting after the Bank Holiday and wanted to run my final 20/21 miler on that day.  I've managed a 17, 19 and 20 to date.   What kind of taper periods do you guys go through?

    Part of me thinks I should drop out of Edinburgh - as Berlin is the big, more important one for me and don't want to do too much damage.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Jase - I'd listen to the physio. I got a good telling off from mine for not resting an injury enough. I listened and got to run Paris as a result.

    Taper - I usually go for 3 weeks but due to a race falling at the wrong time, I've did my last biggie 4 weeks before Paris. Mind you, I'm not a poster boy for running - yetimage .

    In the weeks before the taper, I was knackered - but as a very wise friend told us, just before taper your body will be at its most exhausted having peaked at mileage and effort.

    Edinburgh? Hmm, what is the worst thing that could happen (is your achilles sore or damaged)? Would you be able to pull up if things went wrong?


  • It's one of those funny things - anyone else comes to me and asks for advice about this kind of thing and I'd tell them to rest it.  Must be a runners thing - that stir crazy feeling that comes from not  being able to exercise.  But truth be told I am going to rest it - it will be tough but I better be sensible. 

    As the physio pointed out, there's no tears or anything otherwsie I wouldn't have got through 20 miles.  There's just wear and tear damage from the training - I did a few stretches and she was slightly shocked and how little I could do before the pain hit in.  She's got this tape on me - can't remember it's name - but apparently its very effective and should be able to allow me to run without pain once I've had a couple of sessions.  Anyone heard of this?

    I think i'm 99% sure to do Edinburgh - whether it's a good idea or not - just treat it as a 'need to get round' kind of run rather than focusing on time.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Jase - my physio was the same "bloody runners, can't get them to rest". Plus, when we do rest, we don't rest enough. I'd pulled my calf and he told me to take 3 weeks off - I was going to take a week off. (And I had done on 3 previous occasions, which is why I still had the problem)

    The tape, kinesiology tape - or something like that - very fashionable but I don't think it's been actually proven to work. Mind you, if it makes you feel better then go with it.

  • I don't know why some runner don't like to rest, personally I don't have tht problem!! image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Oooh, Kaz - how could you? Liar, liar, pants on fireimage

  • It really must be a mental thing.  I've managed three days off.  Ankle feels a little better (second physio session tomorrow) but heavy chest cold still hanging around.  Kit with me at work for gym - but really going to have to force myself to go home and ride it out.  Grrrrr - going slightly stir crazy!!

  • 21 weeks Sunday.

    I'm lookng at adapting a P&D plan - just wondering if my body'll hold out.

    Jase - sorry to be a bore - leave it til the weekend. The old adage - above the neck, ok to run; below the neck, leave it out - is pretty sensible.

    Are you due to be long-running this weekend? Take it easy if so. Hope you're mended soon.

    Orbutt - like it.

  • Hehehe Orbutt!! 

    Just heading oot now in torrential rain, not looking forward to thisimage 

  • kaz + rest...hmmm...don't know if that equation has ever happenedimage kinda like the boson partical thing...very hard to find.

  • It happened for 7 weeks at the beginning of the year RS..........7 weeks to long!!image

  • Only because you had major surgery! and weren't you still trying to get out there every week?  You're mad womanimage

  • So may as well ask the  onlyquestion - you guys all seem to know each other fairly well - is this in an online context or do you guys meet up at the events? (I seem to recall an earlier pic on this thread of a big group)   Did my last two marathons and travelled alone so figured this would be pretty cool if this kind of thing happens (unless of course asking such a question is a Runners World forum faux paus). 

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭


    A lot of us know each other from the Paris forum, which is more of a year round online family.

    Do we meet up at events? Hell yes. In fact, this years Paris was a great big meet up with a bit of running in the middle. We had over 30 runners and supporters at the pre race pasta party. And then there was the post race booze up - epic.

    You may have seen the photo of us taken prior to the race at the Arc de Triomphe. I think that Jimbob has plans to do something similar in Berlin.

    There will probably be a pasta meal the night before, the photo op  and a post race medal show/ booze up afterwards.

    Are you invited? Again, another hell yes. It makes the whole event a lot more fun.

    All will be organised nearer the event, when some of the Berlin experts offer their advice on locations.

  • Jase - welcome to the fold.  It's fun here we have the Bristol stool chart image

  • Now I apologise in advance for being thick but what's the Bristol stool chart? (it's late - perhaps in the morning i'll have an epiphany and understand what that meant) image


    And thanks Orbutt and RS - I'm quite shy so will be be great to get involved and meet up with all you guys before and after.  And a booze up afterwards will be great.  Although you may have to wait for PB is only 4:30 and with this ankle and this lingering cold - and having no doubt killed myself at Edinburgh first - I'll probably be dragging my a*s across the line in about 8 hours imageimage 

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Jase - you're right, I am much faster than you, my PB is 4:29:55 - so don't worry about it.

    I'm sure RS will post the Bristol Stool chart soon - you've probably experienced it without knowing it but once seen never forgotten

  • Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)

    image So wrong but so important.

    Jase - the fact you have a pb is ahead of most out there.  Have a great time in edinburgh (when is it?).  Would be interesting to know what you think of it.  Have heard mixed reviews.

  • Good to this thread moving along. Now the sun is finally out (well in the south at least) it's been for eat to get out and do some cycling along with running. Only having to wear a t.shirt and shorts is great.

    got some track/tempo training lined up which I always found difficult but always appreciate when I go out for a long weekend run.

    really looking forward to Berlin have only read positive things about it.

    Jase I too would be intrested to c how u like Edinburgh as I have also heared nix reviews. I suppose u can't please all of the people all of the time (except Berlin)

    have a great BH weekend and enjoy whatever training u r doing.

  • Stephen - it's just a great marathon. I simply can't wait - but no use wishing your life away, there's 21 weeks of training to enjoy!

    The sun is even out here in the North (sporadically) which is simply marvellous.

    I'm out for a week or so. Can y'all look after the place while I'm gone? 


  • We'll treat it like our own image

  • Hi all.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    And I can now proclaim that I know what the Bristol Stool chart is - why I didn't realise the clue was in the title is beyond me.  The worst thing?  I definitely spent far too long working out which .. ahem... diagram applied to me!! Thanks Radar Sal. image

    And Edinburgh is at the end of the month.  I too read mixed reviews - think a lot of people complain that it doesn't actually end in the city but I'm not too worried about that.

    Going to try my first very small run tomorrow.  To be honest, whatever is going on with my ankle (physio said it was tendon-something-or-other) she suggested that I'd still have it at the time of Edinburgh and probably Berlin.  SO way I see it, i'd rather run and have pain than have three weeks doing no running and having pain anyhow!! I'm thinking lots of specific stretches...careful running...perfect!!!

  • jase - we've all done it and like the weather it changes.  Look after your ankle...doesn't sound good.  What's the physio got you doing?

  • How'd the ankle hold out Jase?


    It's modified P&D for me.  Been working on it this weekend.  Need to adapt from the outset for holidays, predilection for more 20+ milers etc but I'm going to need to modify a bit week to week too.

  • Hi all.  Ankle didn't really handle it very well.  Went for a very steady 4 mile run, nothing too strenuous - and the pain was there from the beginning.  However it's not too bad a pain - in  that I think I could maybe drug myself up a touch and get through the marathon.  In terms of what the physio said, I wasn't too encouraged.  I'm cynical about physio's anyhow - but for me she pretty much said there's going to be pain in it when I get through to marathon time anyhow, it's just a case of getting it in the best shape possible.  But for me I'd rather get used to the pain over the next three weeks rather than rest it and then have to deal with it on the day!  Am I being daft?  Catch 22 really.... (oh and I have stretching exercises to do)

    Went to the gym this evening also and managed 45 mins cross training - handles that pretty well - but then hopped on the spin bike and it didn't like that at all so hopped off. 

    What I did notice however was that it felt a touch better on I'm going to pop over this massive park up the road tomorrow and train on that. Grrrrrr injuries - they drive me crazy!!!!

  • I can't believe its only 21 weeks until......

    I was going to start some sort of training plan today, but now postponed until next Monday due to the Flu. I am consolidating myself by telling myself its a cut back week before proper training begins.........can you have a cut back week when your doing next to nothing anyway!!!image


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