Berlin Marathon 2013



  • Good video Orbutt, Just downloaded where the streets have no name from itunes. Some good running guys, not long now. Feeling a bit guity as I did my long run on Friday so I could have the weekend off and ended up having a few pints yesterday, which I'm now regretting. Really struggled on Friday as I did some fast sessions last week with 5 consecutive days in a row, so legs feeling really tired. Think some of the tiredness has come from the stupidity of trying to get back the miles that I have lost through injury and illness although I've only done 2 miles less than this time last year on my build up to the Berlin marathon. Going to try 20 miles next Saturday then it's the Great North Run the week after that, then the start of taper heaven.

    Well done Ciaran on the 10K

  • I've just started foam rolling because my hips have been bad... there is no way anything that painful can be healthy  o_O I'm having another beer to compensate

  • I do sympathise Ciaran.....bloody agony but it works!

    Just done another 15km on treddie, burning legs..... image

  • Due to running a half next weekend, did my last biggie today. 32k, 3hrs 21 and felt ok at the end.

    Learned another vital lesson today. Snot rockets and a head wind do not make for a good look image

    Ciaran, I've got sore hips too. Just getting a bit of practice in for the post marathon Ministry of Silly Walks image

    DW - I think we've all been guilty of trying to claw back mileage. 


  • No running for me today so no running song needed.  But was doing weights in the gym and Fast Fuse by Kasabian came on and I decided there and then that if I were a boxer that's what I'd enter the ring to!

    Glad to hear there's some Joshua Tree fans on here, it was the album that got me into music many, many years ago, every track is wonderful.

    BEST EVER 20 miler yesterday.  I actually beat my 20M race PB by 3mins.  Wasn't expecting that but got to 11M and felt good so went a bit quicker.  No crisps in the pub so settled for Guinness and a first win of the season at the footy.  Good weekend.

    I think we seem to have finally come out of the darkness and into the light on this thread, it's become unbelievably positive around here now, I'm loving it!  Good strong running from everyone, lets keep it up!

  • 16 today. done fewer long runs this time but much more weekly mileage. Hit 50 in a week, 1st time this week. Got a 22, 18 and 10 left.  Cant believe how quickly sep has come around

  • Been lurking. 4th Berlin marathon - my 9th marathon - love it! Did 20 yesterday 22, 16 and 10 - to go plus my concoction of recovery, easy and ever so slightly faster runs. Have done krakow, edinburgh and San Francisco this year so am looking for a sub 3:15 but not at the expense of enjoying it. Hitting a relaxed 8.30's on my LSR and shorter 7.30s (around target time) but as ever the output of the training is just excellent! some really good times here and excellent encouragement 


  • 20 done today , felt much better than last week,

    i´ve run many more miles than in my first marathon so i hope that increase pays off





  • Imanol - it seems that a lot of us had a bad week last week but have had a much better week, this. image

    Russell - congrats on de-cloaking and some excellent times image

  • Russell - are you in Glasgow?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Welcome Russell!

    Imanol - Orbutt is right: we all have good and bad weeks. Take it easy and know that there's a good week coming soon!

  • Emmy - did you hear back about changing pens? What is the 'Pasta Place' that you mentioned - any good?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think Iain mentioned the pasta place.

    I told them that I wanted to change pens as I had a new pb of 4.20 and they said: stay in H as your expected finish time will still keep you in that pen.

  • Another lurker here, follow this thread on & off so about time I posted.

    So just under 4 weeks to go, have a couple of 18's done and hopefully do a 20/22 this weekend although it may be complicated fitting it in this weekend due to family stuff, so may have to get creative.

    Sounds like everyone is doing well and looking forward to the taper image

    For those that have done it before, is the Breakfast run worth doing ? , I like the idea of it finishing in the Olympic stadium so will probably do it.


  • KK - welcome! I've not done the breakfast run but am this year as it gets good feedback. Olympic stadium finish  Can't wait. 

    Garmin failure and sent back today. £68 for a replacement...! Won't get it in time for GNR - hope it's working in time for Berlin!

  • great running the past week on here, into marathon month now, not long to go! 3 weeks on sunday isnt it? got a 20 miler done last week, 3.23, hoping im on track to beat previous marathon pb of 4.43, another 20 on this weekend and then 12 and 8 to taper, cant wait until the big day now, first time ever doing a marathon outside of belfast!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Just in case you didnt receive the official newsletter.

    1. New: ID Control for Race Number Pick-up
    Every participant must pick up his or her race materials IN PERSON with a valid ID (national ID, passport, or driver’s license). Unfortunately, in the past, situations have arisen that made adequate medical care difficult because race numbers were sold or traded, and athletes could not be correctly identified in an emergency. For the wellbeing and personal safety of every participant, from now on we will be strictly controlling the race number distribution. Personal data and any illnesses or medications being taken must be documented on the back of the race number, so that in the case of an emergency, the medical teams can provide rapid and safe assistance. It is NO LONGER possible to provide someone else with a letter of attorney to pick up your race materials for you!

    2. New: A wristband for every participant
    In order to guarantee the clear identification of each participant (see above), every runner will have a wristband placed on his or her wrist at the race number pick-up, which may NOT be removed until the race is finished. In addition to the above measures, this will assist in preventing race numbers from being sold or traded. The wristbands are made from Tyvek, a super-light material that cannot be torn (also used at many VIP events and other occasions). They are comfortable to wear, non-transferable (due to a strong glue) and tamper-proof.

    3. New: Only the official clothing bags will be allowed into the event venue
    No other bags or backpacks will be permitted to be taken into the restricted area at the start. Please note that you will only be granted access to the start area if you use the official clothing bag, which you will receive when with your race materials! The clothing bag drop-off will begin at 6:30 am. Any kind of fireworks, weapons, glass bottles or any other dangerous or sharp objects will not be permitted into the restricted event area.

    Liquids: Water bottles and/or shower gels are permitted inside and will not be controlled.

    4. New: Start at 8:45 am
    The start for the 40th BMW BERLIN MARATHON on September 29th is being moved ahead by 15 minutes. The planned programming for the new television broadcast partner, ARD, is the reason behind this change. The event organiser, SCC EVENTS, has contracted HBS to produce the worldwide images. ARD will be reporting live from 8:20 am to 11:30 am, and then RBB will take over and continue until 1:30 pm. Eurosport will broadcast live from 8.40 a.m. until 11.30 a.m.

  • Jasonreid - judging by your time for a training run you will easily beat your pb. Good running

  • JasonReid - great time for a 20 mile training run! I've never done Belfast (my hometown run) simply as I'd get so disillusioned by:

    1. No support but slagging from the crowds (in certain parts of the town), and,

    2. The relay runners hammering past me when I feel like dying (usually around 18-22 miles).

    Frankly, you are going to love Berlin.


  • seems like they are really cracking down this year on poeple getting numbers for others and passing off numbers as well. Still at least it will be easy to identify other runners over the preceeding days as we will be the only ones with the wristbands - our badge of honour. 

    Just signed up to the Warrington Half (English Half Marathon) this weekend - couldn't resist a cheeky half before Berlin.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Iain - I've never heard the slagging off of runners by the crowds in Belfast. It's not like you're wearing a huge 'catholic/Protestant' sign on your head. Have you seen it?

    Andy - I've heard a few things from German friends of mine and they're being really strict this year. Not because they're trying to be arseholes but because in other German races this year there's been health and safety/legal issues related to runners getting into trouble and wearing someone elses numbers so I think it's the lawyers trying to cover their backs.

  • i suppose its all good though - cannot blame them after all people are quick to look for compensation the minute any authority does something wrong. 

    Looking to do the Expo this year on the Friday - hopefully a little quieter than the saturday last year. Assume the Adidas store in town will be selling all the marathon gear again, was really dissapointed at the expo last year when what i wanted had already sold out only to go down to the town to find it all available to the general public in the main Adidas Shop. Better make sure i have saved enough shooping money this year as well 

  • Andy - I'm running Warrington on Sunday.

    I've got unfinished business with that race. Last year I had stomach issues and had to pop into a field - twice !!

    Aside from that, be warned. The first half is slightly but constantly uphill. The 2nd half though is downhill image

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

    ...feeling anxious over this weeks long run(planned for Thursday) - think I need a lie down to slow my heart rate down!!

    Have to say very impressed with the Berlin Marathon Team they have replied to all emails promptly and efficiently

  • you'll be able to spot me - bright yellow adidas trainers and probably a team gb vest on. Is the start in order of time as i put sub 1:30 on the entry? Know some of the route as a i work nearby and whilst it is uphill hopefully it isn't too severe. Hoping for a 1:27ish - what are you hoping for?

  • EHN - what are you worried about - you seem to do a long long run every week!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    EHN - Just remember: it's just a long run image You've done them before and you'll do them after. It's just a run - relax and enjoy it image

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

     You're right ...I'll get my head together (think it's the busy at work..schools back this week and not enough hours etc etc)

  • Andy - last year it was a case of a bunch of posts with signs on representing different times. Pick your time, stand by a post. Can't see it being much different this year.

    I'm considerably slower than you, with a PB of 1:55:54 on a flat course. Any time around that would be nice image

    EHN - nothing to worry about. You're a runner. Put your shoes on and put one foot in front of the other. Go slowly, no - slower than that.

    You'll be fine.

  • orbutt - should be fun, looking forward the Ethernet downhill last few miles. Tried my new Boost trainers last night and they are amazing, the bounce was crazy for such a light shoe so hoping for a PB if course is fast

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