Berlin Marathon 2013



  • Damn predictive text - how did Ethernet get in there

  • yes Iain, from Glasgow- have you seen a 90kg man pounding sweatily up and down the canal?


  • Would that narrow it down Russell? image

  • 8 mile threshold run, 2 miles warm up 2x 15 min at half mara pace and 2 mile warm down. Knackered. Easy 8 tomorrow. Can't wait for taper time

  • Tapir Time - the road to madness image Can't wait

  • 5 runs a week, a 20 and an 18 to go. Long way off yet

  • Russell Drummond wrote (see)

    yes Iain, from Glasgow- have you seen a 90kg man pounding sweatily up and down the canal?

    Russell - just wondering if I met you at the GSR 2 years ago? Do you know Paddy Mark?

    Emmy - lived there a long time. Nowt to do with being C/P, just exercising in public. Funny town Belfast. And the marathon course ain't the best. I will do it some day though.

  • Yes! Gosh it's a small world!

  • yes Iain, from Glasgow- have you seen a 90kg man pounding sweatily up and down the canal?


  • Russell - Small world indeed! Sounds like your training's been going great. Hope to see you for a beer after!

  • andyc / Orbutt - Are you both in the NW then ? (putting 2+2 together with you both doing the Warrington half)  ,I'm on the Wirral. Good luck with the half.

    6 last night for me & 10-12 planned on Thursday.

    May try and get to the expo on Thursday, think we land around 2pm & would be nice to free up Friday to have an explore.



  • Flying from Manc airport on the Friday, and coming back monday. Anyone else flying same time from there ?

  • KingKenny - kind off, was born and lived on the Wirral (Meols) for 20 years but now moved to Staffordshire. Still get back to the Wirral regularly and run along the coastal wall.

    We fly out on Thursday evening from Liverpool (EasyJet about 6:30pm) and will be at the Expo on Friday - then the Zoo all Saturday according to the kids! Flying back sunday evening though and work on monday image

  • KK - Wirral too, Irby.

    Sir John. Flying from Manchester on Fri via Frankfurt and back on Mon via Dusseldorf. When I booked them they were direct image


  • I'm from the North West too...........just a lot further North!! image

    Planning expo late on Thursday evening, freeing up Friday for a bus tour or something. 

  • Think we're prob on same plane. 6.30 flight ? May well sow a mini Welsh flag onto my Stockport Harriers top. Be interesting to see how Berlin crowds compare with London. Never experienced crowd support like that. May have had something to do with Boston happening week beforAwesome me atmosphere. 

  • Managed a 10 mile run tonight in 1:14:01, what a difference some good rest does. I took a couple of days off as I was feeling really fatigued from last weeks training and not so good long run, probably due to trying to play milage catch-up. 

    I'm flying over from Glasgow on the Friday morning and plan to go to expo as soon as I've checked into my hotel, which is just over the road from expo. Last year I went over on the Saturday and had to queue to get in.

    Had a serious conversation with a member at the health club where I work today who told me that she is taking her 13 year old daughters body fat percentage once a week. Can't believe how stupid some parents are, this can only enhance eating disorders.

  • Cant believe how stupid indeed DW! That is just plain wrong, and she obviously doesn't realise the long term damage thats being done. I could say so much but I think if I start I may not stop! image

  • David - that's madness. 

    Want to meet at expo Friday? What time you planning to be there? I'm in late on the Thursday. 

  • Iain- Think I arrive around 12 local time, so I could meet you early afternoon if you want.

    Kaz- It really pissed me off too.

  • What a phucked up parent! And unfortunately you probably couldn't give her a talking to because of the public place. Her daughter is going to be completely screwed when she grows up. Ohhhh so want to rant more...

  • I'm thinking of the expo on Friday evening as arrive late Fri afternoon.  Holy crap it's muggy today! Was drenched after 5 miles. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    David - Unfortuantely I've seen that at my gym too. A mother who weighed her daughter at the beginning and end and when she wanted to stop one of the machines told her she was fat and to carry on (note: she was probably a size 6-8). There were a few raised eyebrows to say the list.

  • That's appalling. Tantamount to child abuse. Fast track to bulimia 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm all for kids going to the gym and being fit and healthy. There's one lad who comes with his dad and happily cycles and runs for an hour and i've actually seen the dad say: are you alright, do you want to stop etc. but the lad happily carries on and stops when he wants to. It's nice to see some parent bonding as they obviously enjoy being together and exercising.

  • at the other end of the scale - was at Flamingo land a few days ago and queuing for a big rollercoaster there where two kids of about 10 and 6 with a baby in a pram stuffing their faces with crisps etc. We wondered where the parents where - you can guess - they had queued up for an hour for the rollercaoster and gone on leaving the kids and a baby to wait - to say people where shaking their heads in disbelief when the parents came back was an understatement - Britains finest! 

    Suppose whilst we are angry at parents who want their kids to be slim there are 10 times that allowing their kids to do nothing, eat too much and probably have more health issues than the pushy parent. Always remember in Florida last year standing in a queue at a waterpark and there was an American kid and his Dad in front - both of large variety - and the kid said to his dad 'Why are they all so thin?' referring to us Brits, to which my Brother-in-Law leaned over and said 'Because we know when to stop eating!' which whilst funny was also quite true. It hit home, the look on his Dad's face - he instantly realised what he had let his son become. Will never forget it.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Andy - it's now strange to see people who are a 'normal' healthy weight. It's become the norm for people to be overweight and that's the scary thing.

    I think a healthy balance is needed but finding that balance is sometimes difficult. It's become a personal mission of mine to make sure that I live a healthy life and do not put myself at risk of disease/illness for a reason such as being overweight.

  • agree - my kids do either Kung-Fu (the 12yo boy) or running (7yo girl) - i do not push them but i have let them find their own way into something they enjoy. Whilst yes i agree our diet is crap (regular visits to McD's) i would never allow them to spend their lives sat in front of a TV etc. Its just to easy these days to use the Xbox or Nickelodeon as a free babysitter. 

    Anyway - hope everyone at the Expo on saturday watches and cheers for the little runners in the Bambino run - my girl will be there and is looking forward to it as much as i am the marathon. 

  • I agree that you have to encourage kids to be active but not push them which is hard. My eldest is not the most active when at home(hates going out a walk/cycle etc) but plays rugby and football at school whereas the younger never sits still. She is always running, cycling, playing netball, at athletics. Everyones had different likes and children are the same! 

  • Hi All,

    Been some a couple of months since I last checked in, how is everyones training going ? Maidenhead Half this Sunday then it's all downhill until the big day. It's not long now...

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