Winter Running

Hi guys, so the clocks have changed and the dark nights are here already.  What i want to know is how you keep yourself motivated to go out for a run in the crap weather as oposed to sitting in and watching tv? (the tv is more appealing but isnt going to help me in the marathon im training for!!)



  • go before work in the morning - you don't get chance to think about it and then you can still watch tv in the eveningimage

  • Shouldn't the marathon you are doing be motivation enough ?
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Run in the morning and/or join a club.
  • I am finding that having my routine helps me get out the door. On those nights I get home from work get changed and go. And as dave said having an event to aim for is also spurring me on. No motivation problems for me so far
  • If your going on a run, say after work that eve, prepare dinner before you go and I dont plan anything else that evening, so you know you can relax when you get back. Also just imagine walking back through the door with another run under your belt! Whens your marathon? Ive got one in June next year so im just enjoying comfortable runs at the moment. If you know your not going to be in pain, you'll enjoy it more!

  • You want to start from scratch again in the spring? image

  • Having an event ?

    So far I've got a 10 mile, 10 km 2 half marathons a full marathon and a sprint triathlon between now and Easter....

    ... No time to worry if its dark ... And have yet to find anything on tv worth missing training for
  • I agree, the fear of having to start again in Spring (2012 is my first year of running) is just about enough to keep me going. 

    Spending £200 on winter running gear also helped - you don't want to do that only to have it sat in a wardrobe!!!

    However, I also felt that cold, dark, wintery evenings when my Sky+ box is calling me would dampen my motivation, so for November (although I started 2 days early) I'm giving early morning running a try. 

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I did my first run with headlamp on yesterday after work. When I got home, the house was lovely and warm, and suddenly I was tempted to give in to temptation and just have a comfy evening on the sofa...Then I also remembered I had to do some washing, sort out the dishes, get started with dinner...The only way I got out of the door that night was not allowing myself think too much about these options. Within 2 minutes I got changed, leaving everything behind and when I returned, I felt immensely proud of myself. So my advice is simple: just get up and go!!
  • Tom. wrote (see)
    Run in the morning and/or join a club.

    Joining a club worked for me. Great motivation!

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Having an event ?

    So far I've got a 10 mile, 10 km 2 half marathons a full marathon and a sprint triathlon between now and Easter....

    ... No time to worry if its dark ... And have yet to find anything on tv worth missing training for

    Yes. You have 6 planned

  • Generally keep reminding myself that I do it because I enjoy it, and that it is incredibly rare that I regret it once I am out of the door.

    Also, keep doing it really regularly, so it is just what I do, I don't have to make a choice about it.

    Remembering that there is a difference between wanting to do something, and feeling like it!

    Finally, tell myself that I don't need to find the motivation to do it, I just need to do it! 

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  • i actually prefer the coler weather, and besides, its just an excuse to buy more gear image

  • get a dog!

    I cant stay in when mine is moping over my running shoes image

  • I prefer training in winter.... Think I am just wierd.....
  • Run in the morning. And remember you'll never regret going for a run but you will always regret not going!image

  • I've just started early morning running and I've found that the urge to stay in bed instead of get up for a run is countered by not aching when I wake up form running late the previous night!   image

    In fact, so far, I've not really had the urge to stay in bed (which has surprised me) as I've been looking forward to my run too much!

  • I try and run as soon as I get in from work or when my hubby gets home on my days off to look after my 18 month old. If I sit down on the sofa I'm buggered!! Xx
  • Martin King 8 I'm exactly the same, I look forward to my morning run so much I literally bound out of bed at 5.50 am each day, throw my gear on and I'm out of the door, give it a go Tom and let us know how you get on.

  • Great advice from people image I really ought to run early mornings, It is just getting up out of a warm cosy bed to the dark cold outside which has always stopped me.

  • Exactly the same as you motivate your self at anyother time of the year, get dressed and get out and then run. As Billy Connolly said, There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.  Personally I find mornings harder when I'm half asleep at 5am, far easier to go in the evening when the kids are in bed and my wife has put on Psychic Sally/Holby/Corrie/Secret Millionaire. Anyway, I'd rather run at 8°C than 28°C.

  • I'm woken at about 5:30 by my kids, so I go out then. I have always found running 1st thing in the morning better than later in the day. Its fresher, less busy and you get to see the dawn.
  • For me, winter is my favourite running season....

    I really enjoy running with a headtorch which helps, and when I'm running I much prefer being cold to being hot.

    Having said that, I do sometimes succumb to the CNBA fairy at the end of a workday, so tend to try and run first thing or at lunchtime during the week.
  • Run to work, so I'm out at anything from 05:00 
    Thankfully I live close enough to do so easily (4.4 miles by road)

    Well, running & riding the bike in are cheaper than paying for parking/diesel

    And... it's a good excuse (on running days) to get  Bacon/fried egg sandwich from the canteenimage
    Plus, with it being NHS, there's all the towels I need after a shower

    Ran there today, & back home, but 'xc' through the woods, along river bank - glad I had my head-torch on, as it was a bit dark in woods @ 17:30
    Absolutely pounding it down with rain though - oh well, I'd have got wet walking to car if I'd gone in it

    Charactor building!!

  • I prefer running in the dark cold evenings. Just come backs from a crisp frosty 5 miler, bright moon, stars out.. only had to dodge the fireworks, but I find I really relax and then a nice soak in the bath and a goods nights sleep.

    Running with a headtorch is fun... every time I breath out the cloud of breath is illuminated and I can see nothing!!!


  • Have to say that November is the one time of year when I really do find it hard to motivate myself, especially in the week. Living in the country, my usual routes are out of bounds during the dark evenings (even with a headtorch) and so I have to run around the pavements of the nearest town, which is nowhere near as enjoyable and also restricts the kind of sessions I can do.

    What works for me is having plenty of upcoming races to focus on - in my case, X-country league - and knowing that once Christmas is over, the days will be lengthening and it won't be long until the light evenings return again.


  • What a great Thread and so inspiring to hear everyone talking positive!  I quite like the 5 am runs but as Ive built up mileage and the fact i commute 100 mile round trip I've got out of the habit.  My mileage has increased but I can see why doing my tempo/speed and easy runs during the week first thing could work but how do you do a long run of 12-15 miles in the dark?  I live in country and if I ran round village 8 or 9 times id probably get that distance but jeeze that would be boring as hell.  On the other side I am running my long runs on Saturday at lunch time and it really screws up the family time etc. At nights and it's still dark now too!  Not sure a headtorch is safe on country roads..but maybe i'm wrong.  Anyway again - what a great thread really made me feel inspired!

  • wayne.allen wrote (see)

    Running with a headtorch is fun... every time I breath out the cloud of breath is illuminated and I can see nothing!!!


    What I haven't got use to yet, is the effect thta you're running in a Scuba mask, as there's simply the pool of light in front of you, & everything else is simply cut-off.

    Plus, the lightest rain looks like snow falling!image

  • Put your training programme on the fridge... and award yourself a star or black mark depending on whether you get out to do that element of the training.

    Sounds childish... but if you do have children, and they have their own monitor sheet (for homework, music practice) stuck right next to it, your kids won't let you get away with not going out!

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