Winter Running



  • it's the rain that gets me. i'm trying to motivate myself right now but it's banging on the skylight and i'm cold!

  • i wish i could run in the mornings, but as I start at 4am it's really not possible.

    i like it cool so winter isn't a problem, but I find buying yourself some funky new kit is a good motivator.

  • The thought of your marathon should be enough to motivate you.  I find it really satisfying when you come back from having battled the elements - great pyschological boast.  Plus if you can train through the winter you shouldn't have any worries about the elements come your marathon.

  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    Put your training programme on the fridge... and award yourself a star or black mark depending on whether you get out to do that element of the training.

    Sounds childish... but if you do have children, and they have their own monitor sheet (for homework, music practice) stuck right next to it, your kids won't let you get away with not going out!

    ^^ This!

    I have a calendar which I put gold stars on when I started running earlier this year- I didn't think it would continue, but it's such great motivation seeing the number of days I've got out there! image

  • Richard A Thackeray wrote (see)
    wayne.allen wrote (see)

    Running with a headtorch is fun... every time I breath out the cloud of breath is illuminated and I can see nothing!!!


    What I haven't got use to yet, is the effect thta you're running in a Scuba mask, as there's simply the pool of light in front of you, & everything else is simply cut-off.

    Plus, the lightest rain looks like snow falling!image

    That might explain why I enjoy it!!! ... I am a scuba diver

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