Beginner's Injury

Hi all! you'll have to excuse me this is my first post! I wanted to seek your opinions. I went for my first run on monday this week which consisted of Run/ walk program for about 6 miles. However,the following few days, the calves of my legs have been killing to the point i find it hald to walk. Could this be overtraining or the shoes im using. (Adidas Kandia TR4) i was running a combination of towpaths/ roads. Thanks


  • Hi Andrew and welcome to the site image Fellow newbie here but sounds like you did too much (much) too soon. Look around this site or google C25K (couch to 5k) or similar programs, they should get you running constantly in 6-8 weeks and will be much more gradual so should stop the aches and pains. Can't comment on the shoes sorry but shouldn't you be wearing Brookes lol.

  • If you've just started running and your first distance was 6 miles I'd say no wonder your calves are sore! I don't think it's an injury though, just post-exercise muscle soreness. Should clear up in a few days - to help it along you might want to do some gentle stretching and self massage on your calves - and then you can start again, more carefully this time.

  • Hi, welcome to the site. I started in may my legs hurt non stop for the first month walking up stairs was a bitch.... Get used to itimage it does go after time, I was on a bit of a deadline, so couldn't slow down, you have two choices do less, and not hurt, or just fight through it image
  • Hi, I agree just sounds like overuse! image

    also make sure you are not over striding (ie putting your foot too far in front when you run) as this can make your calf muscles work more than they need to.

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