Flat Feet

I have been running for over a year.  During that time I have had quite a few problems with shin splints and tight calf muscles.  I have had gait analysis done - neutral runner - and seen a physio - normal feet.  The shin splints slowly improved after stretching my calf muscles as often as I could.  Ten days ago, I completed a half marathon and noticed that the outside and top of my right foot was really tender afterwards.  It improved slightly with rest but I saw a physio (different one) today who said I have ligament damage caused by combination of over use and flat feet.  Is it possible to develop flat feet over a year of running?!?  If so then it would mean I have been wearing the wrong trainers which could explain the calf problems!  Thanks for reading.


  • Its possible for you to damage yourself in any number of interesting ways through overuse/under preparation. It's possible that your feet/arches were fatigued and collapsing during your half marathon. If this happened, 10 days may not be enough time to recover.

    Best to go back to the original physio - assuming they remember you - as they have seen you before.

  • Thanks, pmo.  After doing a bit more research (thank god for google), it seems that fallen arches are not uncommon.  I have made an appt with the doctor but I think the next step will be to see my old physio and perhaps a podiatrist. Fingers crossed.

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