To Supplement or Not to Supplement?

Hello all!

I ran my first marathon last weekend and I have now signed up for the Paris marathon in April!

I ran the Amsterdam marathon in 4:29:36 but I did not train properly, running maybe 3 times a week every couple of weeks.

I want to train properly for Paris and get as close to 3:45 as I can.  Will supplements help me to achieve my goal, or should I just focus on following a running program?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


  • I think first of all you need to start a good training program. Then think about feeding when you can rack up the milesimage
  • OK, thanks Jason.  I have started to run again and I am gradually increasing my mileage.  The only reeason I wasn't running every week is because I was getting injured.  Once I'm back to a decent mileage, any particular supplemets you would recommend?


  • It's obviously good you've started again image take it easy if your prone to injuries!

    You know what they say, up the mileage gradually etc etc

    I've found no supplements from 10 miles down (all personal preference) would really work for most.

    Keep hydrated from either water or a good sports drink up to you which works best.

    They say anything over the 10 or HM keep the gels with you and have with water.

    Going the distance of a marathon I've heard jelly baby's, sugary sweets etc anything easy to consume works best but all in all trial and error in training will benefit you the most. See which works best for you image

    Hope this helps you
  • I use a protein shake with some fruit blended in after a long run.
  • Before thinking of supplements, first address any deficiencies in your diet that could be causing the need for supplementation! If you eat a good healthy diet, you won't need any protein/recovery/whatever other kind of powders or pills you're thinking of.

    Unless you're looking to bulk up significantly and doing a lot of low rep/heavy weight strength training (which will most probably make you run slower not faster!) you don't need to consume large amounts of protein and will almost certainly get enough of the stuff just by eating normal food in normal quantities. 

    Training properly will be of much greater benefit. image

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