I need advice

I am supposed to be doing an adventure race on Saturday - running, cycling, climbing a mountain, bit of an obstacle course at end and apparently there could be wet feet. Now my problem is that I accidentally threw boiling water over my right foot on Sunday. Blisters formed and to try and fast track recovery I used compeed blister plasters. This was ok even managed short cycle today. However when I took plaster off quite a lot of skin came too. Skin is quite raw now - will be gutted if can't race on Saturday - anybody any similar experiences / advice


  • You're not supposed to take compeed off, you're supposed to just wait and they eventually fall off on their own. I learned the painful way too!

    How big are the raw bits on your foot? Could you maybe patch them together with more compeeds? And then wear nice thick socks for as much cushioning as possible.

    I'd recommend patching them up then trying out the shoes/boots you'll be wearing on Saturday. Go for a run and see how they feel. Try a bit of cycling too. Then decide if the discomfort is something you could put up with for a full day...

  • Thanks for your advice - maybe it will miracously heal overnight!!!!
  • LOL! Optimism is a great attitude! image
  • You were right about being optimistic. Not very confident at start but pretty pleased with final result. Difficult enough race due to high winds and hail stones in face during cycle and mountain trek - would however recommend westport sea to summit. Nice nurse in local surgery put on iodine and padded dressing and I didn't feel a thing during race. Neurofen probably helped too. This time last week was down cause I'd poured boiling water on my foot, this week sore legs but have a sense of achievement to go with it - looking forward to my next challenge!!!!
  • Ah, the god of Ibuprofen was smiling on you Well done on completing your event and also for deciding to even go ahead with it in the first place! Glad it worked out okay for you. P.S. Stay away from kettles in the last few days before a race!
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