Grand Union Canal Half-Marathon

MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

Haven't done this one for a couple of years so time to rediscover it. As I recall it's flat generally but does have some lumps along the course, particularly by the locks and at the very end.

I'm in!


  • It's going to be my first HM. probably haven't trained enough, but its local, and I'm planning to plod around, relax and enjoy the scenery. Most of my long runs have been hilly and cross the course in two places, so I'm looking forward to the flat bits...and I'm going to do a couple of miles on the actual course this week to get a feel for it.


  • Ah, so I'm not doing it alone then!

    If you could report back on the terrain, amount of mud and water etc, 'twould be much appreciated ...

  • I'm in. I'm in Glasgow for what will be a very boozy night on Thursday, have the pleasure of 8 hours on a coach on Friday and at a gig in Brixton Saturday night. I suspect that that I will regret that build up on Sunday!

  • Covered the 2miles from rickmansworth to watford.

    Flat, muddy in places, and a few tree roots/rocks to catch the unwary. Also a bit narrow in places. More of a trail than anything else, but not too bad.

    The signs are already up warning residents of the race on Sunday

  • Sounds good, and the weather has been fairly dry the last couple of days.

    One particular memory I have of doing this race a few years back is that we go past a sewage farm at about halfway .... and it hums. There's a good mile or so to do while holding your breath image

  • I have just decided to do this, and as a measure of my keenness (that looks weird) I will forgo the second bottle of Merlot after dinner. Now all i have to do is work out how to get back from Watford to the car park at the start......

  • Run back. Easy!

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Youre running along a canal. Think outside the box and tag a lift with a canalboat going the other way.


    That would probably be even slower than me doing the HM!!!


  • Or take the Metropolitan line from Watford, change at Harrow-on-the-Hill for Uxbridge.

    I'll be taking the Metropolitan line to Baker Street, from there to Paddington and by train home to Reading.

  • Made it!!! Could have done with more toilets at the start, but chip timing ment that the late started didn't have any problems. Would have been nice to have some retail at the start, but orgainsation was friendly.

    Weather was cold and sunny, course was flat and muddy, but better than my test run earlier in the week. The organisers had even sprayed the rocks orange. 

    Marshals were great, water stations were in the right place, my spectators managed to find the right spots, and overall I enjoyed it, even the hill at the end. Still waiting for the official time, but I'm around 2:17 on watch time, I'm very happy for my first HM.

    Felt sick for a bit after my final sprint, and my shoulder hurts, but I'm feeling the buzz!! I'll be back next year...


  • Already have.... and Silverstone HM. Both fit into my training plan for VLM next year. I was born in Reading, lived there until my teens, so seeing the old place is going to be interesting... altough the area around the stadium, and the stadium never existed when I was a lad, they were just fields.

  • Well done to everyone who ran today - had a blast marshaling this event.  Only wish I had brought more bags of Jely Babies with me image


  • You has jellie babies????.... I'll run faster next year!!!

    My thanks to all the marshals always friendly and at least you knew where we were supposed to be going image
  • I didn't see any jelly babies image

    What a fine day. Perfect weather and not too muddy underfoot although a little slippy in places. I was well pleased with my time and got back on the tube easily enough.

    Great event and must do it again!

  • Were those the jelly babies at the final water point - if so THANK YOU!

    Results are up and I clocked 1.49.43 a PB by 5 seconds. With 2 miles to go I was on for one by roughly 90seconds to 2 minutes but was dying! After being hospitalised in the summer with what was initially feared to be a heart attack and then a few weeks of rest followed by barely being able to run 2 miles in 20 minutes and a ridiculous few days leading up it's safe to say I'm a very happy man tonight!

  • They were.  

  • Results are up here (clickety click). Smart work.

    Inside the first quarter of the field - yay, that'll do for me image

  • There's a video clip on YouTube ... I lumber past at 10:26 image

  • englandlynda wrote (see)

    They were.  

    Then a big thank you - they were much appreciated!

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