80K Mont Blanc Ultra

Well i've gone and done it now & signed up for the race.   Are there any training plans or is it a matter of just putting a lot of miles in?

I ran the MB marathon last year so i know this will be a lot tougher.

How do you train for this kind of event?




  • It's not necessarily miles you'll need it's vertical, depending on where you live find your nearest mountain and get used to doing reps on it
  • Lirish - thanks for the advice.   Live not too far from the purbecks and there are plenty of hills there.


  • No worries, if you did the mont Blanc marathon last year you know exactly how tough it'll be, get your head around climbs lasting hours rather than minutes and you'll go a long way towards being prepared.

    I think it's telling that the say the time limit for the race is 24 hours, I imagine you're in for a fantastic race
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