The 5K Mo Run Battersea Park London 2012

Just signed up for this. Anyone else?


  • Yup - I'm in.  I actually thought this was a 10k until I looked again at my entry confirmation - D'oh!

  • haha, there is a 10K MoRun in Greenwich Park a couple of weeks later but it's sold out now image

    I did a 5K run in Battersea Park last week and the course looks identical, should be a good one I think, nice and flat image

  • Should be nice to kick through the fallen leaves too image

  • Hi hansyhobs

    have you had a race pack yet?

  • Not yet but I only signed up yesterday

  • That'll be why then   image

    I've since had an e-mail that we collect them on the day.

    Hope you have a good run.

  • Yes, I've had the email too. You too andyp, hope the run goes well. Are you growing a moustache? Seeing as I'm facial hair challenged I think I might wear my moustache tshirt

  • I'm trying - my wife hates it, and I'll probably shave it off after the event image

  • haha, well it's only for 1 month

  • How was your run today HH?  Whata lovely event.  Great conditions too.

    I particularly enjoye the free bacon sarnie  image

  • Hi Andy. I went well thanks. I finally did a sub 30min 5K so I'm really happy with my PB. Fab event, really good atmosphere! Love the medal and bacon sandwich was tip top. Not a fan of the coconut water though, after running my socks off and already feeling a little sick as I crossed the line that drink nearly made me vomit!! Too much info I'm sure haha! Glad you enjoyed it
  • Congrats on your PB image, great news.....

    I avoided the drink & sweets queue, and headed for the sarnies!

    I'm not sure of my time as I didn't time it but I'm hoping to have got in under 30 mins too...image

    I'll try and find some results.

  • I got an email, results are online I think!

  • 29:19 very happy with that

  • brilliant - well done image

    I've just looked and my gun time was 28:45, and chip time 27:47 image - quickest this year...

    It took a minute to cross the start line too.

    I started near the five guys in the morph suits - did you see them HH?

  • Andy, that's terrific well done! I did see the Morph men, really loved all the fancy dress going on. Did you dress up? I wore my tache tshirt. Trying to attach a picture but can't figure out how!


  • Thanks.  I didn't dress up hansyhobs, just my usual footy shirt

    Ditto re the photo - i'm technically challenged!

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