South London 10K

Anyone done this before? I'm thinking of signing up but a lot dissapointed that only 1K or so is in the actual common. I want to do the Greenwick Park 10K but it already full so I'm looking for alternative races and this is fairly local


  • I've signed up and recruited a friend as well image

  • im considering this although im a total newbie, maybe we could get a little training group going? image

  • Yes, sign up, we can form a support group here image

  • check out the other 10K energized sports events, Old Deer Park in Richmond is a lovely route and Kingston is too, down the river..

  • I'm actually considering doing that one as well, the route does look lovely

  • Hi hansyhobs. Yup, sadly most of this run is nowhere near the common, or for the most part Wimbledon itself. It starts on the common, then goes to Raynes park, before returning to Wimbledon common to finish. It is a fast'ish 10k, with one hill downwards which goes on for a long time, and an up hill which goes on for a few minutes, but not too serious. I run on the common all the time, and can't work out why runs aren't arranged to run just there. (Apart from the weekly 5k runs every Sat morning!) Shame. Do it though as it is a good, very well organised run.
  • Thanks Muttley, glad to hear it isn't too hilly as well, was a little worried about that but 1 hill is def manageable. Yes, I am also wondering why more runs aren't on the common itself

  • hansyhobs, if you live close to the common, every saturday morning at, there is a 5k parkrun starting at the windmill and is free. join up beforehand at the parkrun website and thats it.
  • Hi Muttley, I've contemplated park run but I'm not often up at 8am on a Saturday so haven't made it yet!!! One day I'll go....

  • Can't to find any info on starting point location, where is the nearest tube/train station?

  • Got my number and luggage tag yesterday image

  • How did you all enjoy the race? I had to jump over a lot of puddles and the hill at 5K killed me but I was happy that a lot more of the race was on the common then I expected from the map. Interesting to see different medals were being given out...

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