The Old Deer Park Richmond 10K

Anyone done this before? Looks like a nice route along the river?


  • I'm doing this for the first time on the 18th but loads of people at work have done it before and said it's a great scenic route - most of them have done it more than once and recommend it image

  • Thanks Kal, that sounds promising. I normally run along the tow path from Putney but the furthest I've run is to Chiswick Bridge before turning back so it would be nice to run along this stretch. Think I might sign up

  • No worries - sign up!  It's my first ever and I'm looking forward to it!

  • Just realised I'm meant to be in Bristol this weekend, silly me for forgetting to fill in my diary properly! But if plans fall through I will definitely sign up

  • omg, I've just entered this race but worrying now coz it says 'fastest 10k around!!!' I only run 10min per mile!! heeeelp!!!!

  • Did this last year.  It is flat and fast.  However there is a 180 degree turn on the cobbles near the end that can be slippy if wet.

  • well lets hope the people who slip let me go past them, so I'm not last!!! lolimage

  • also did this last year and the bits by the river that get flooded with tide were very slippery, but otherwise it is a lovely course (eerily misty last year).

  • lovely course not curse...

  • So my plans for this weekend have fallen through so I think I might do this race afterall image

    Sharon - I am even slower than you! Hoping to crack a sub 60min 10K by the end of the year

  • My heart nearly stopped when I read this was "fastest 10k around" by then it was too late as I had entered already!  Don't worry as I am definitely going to be last - I can only do 11 min miles at best lol I am going right to the back of the start line!!


  • We can all be slow together image


  • Yayyy! Thank you hansyhobs n Kal for being honest image I thought everyone was gonna be like blimmin' supersonic!! lol - I thought OMG, Fastest race around, everyone will be finished by 40 mins....n' there's Oh good, I aim to do my best, would love to do it in 60 mins as my last 10k was 1hr.2mins. I completed a half marathon a couple of weeks ago n' did it at 2hr 21min...slower than I hoped (app 10min.47secs per mile). I was never into being the fastest and still not...just managing to run the whole way was my goal and i managed it...just, until last mile!!!! image Ah well girlies, see you there! Best of luck to you both x

  • Thanks Sharon and Hansyhobs - you're still way ahead of me - I have never in my life ran for anything - absolute beginner!   Good luck to you both too and will see you there - you'll recognise me easily - I will be the one who is last image



  • Kal, well done for entering and doing a 10k (full stop!) know what, I remember reading an article once about a woman who was worried about being last but then she re-thought n' said 'if I am last, who cares at least I was the one who got up early and ran...n' not sat on my backside' - and remember, you're never last....all those people who never entered are the ones who come last. So big well done to you and everyone who tries their best! image I'm still a beginner, I don't think I'll ever be speedy Gonzalez but the fact I run and enjoy what I do is the main thing. See you at the end Kal, I'll be with ya on that one! image

  • See you all there. Last time I did a 10K I think it was 1h08mins, would like to get sub 60mins obviously but would be happy with sub 1h05mins, we shall see! Don't worry about being slow, there are always people even slower haha!

  • Thank you ladies - I can't believe how nice everyone is on this forum!  Will see you there - can't wait now image



  • does anyone know what the parking is like here for this run? i would imagine it should be pretty good for as its richmond park but if anyone has any info please let me know!

  • Adrian Hicks wrote (see)

    does anyone know what the parking is like here for this run? i would imagine it should be pretty good for as its richmond park but if anyone has any info please let me know!

    Adrian, it's Old Deer Park not Richmond Park.

    Parking though is fine, there's a pay and display car park across the road from the start although I'd suggest you get there early.

  • Hey Girls - don't be alarmed by 'fastest 10k around'. It just means that there are no hills, so, in other words it's the 'easiest 10k around'! Don't worry. You'll all be fine . . .  

  • Hey thanks!  I've been losing sleep worrying expecting to see all olympian type runners at the start line lol!

  • The Kenyans only turn up when there is prize money, there was one at Cabbage Patch, so you should be OK....image

  • Hi everyone, Has anyone got their packs yet? I haven't heard anything from the organisers...

  • Do we get packs!? I would have thought we just get running chips n' our race numbers on the day. Thanks 007 for the reassurance!! image


  • Oh OK thanks, I think all races I have done so far have sent me a pack before so I thought it was standard! Thanks

  • For those worrying about their time, just remember even if you are last you've still beaten every other b*gger who didn't bother to get out of bed that morning image 

    Am liking the look of this one....

  • That's what I always say Helenjane, you're right!image


  • Not had a pack or anything yet but I did only sign up last week. Glad to hear it's flat, more chance of a PB image

  • Just read the instructions on the email - "no headphones or music" OMG - I need my music!!  See you all there image

  • OMG does it really say that! I can run short distances without music, but an hour without any thing will be difficult. Maybe I can use them discretely...

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