The Old Deer Park Richmond 10K



  • I will be wearing my gloves and am going to hide my nano in them as it's so small and put the headphones on after race has started - will pass the headphones through my top and hide in my shock absorber strap (nice!) - there sorted! 

  • Really, no headphones?!! I've just downloaded some itunes I was hoping to listen to!

    :-/ ohhh! kill joys!!! lol


  • Got my number today. Not sure why they don't send the time chips out as well? Ran this race 2 years ago and the start was delayed due to queues for the chips.

    PS good luck Kal you'll be fine this is a great race to do for your first one!
  • Whether or not you agree with the no headphones issue, rules is rules. TBH I did a no headphones half last month and was surprised how easy it was ( the lack of music, not the 13.1 hilly miles!) Made for a much more sociable experience, and it does make you more aware of your breathing and surroundings. Don't be scared to run nakedimage

  • I did a H/M last month too with no head phones! I just fancied listening to some tunes on Sunday, I can run with or withoutimage

  • Good luck everyone!!!! Enjoy image

  • Hi everyone - spoke to the organisers today who said they 'advise' no headphones as the roads aren't totally cut off from traffic but it's not against the rules...think I'm going to risk it...feeling nervous! Is it totally flat - that would be great news!?
  • I did this last year for the first time. It is a pleasant run and not too challenging with a scenic bit along the river, although a bit of a bun fight to get out of the park first, along the road. 

  • I used my headphones last year and they are not strict about it.  They wont tell you to take them off but are simply concerned about safety. Just enjoy the experience.  I havent run for 2 weeks but am going along for the fun! image  See you there

  • Great - one less thing to worry about!  I have worked myself up so much about this race that I feel sick today!  You'd think I was running a marathon or something - I really need to stop being such a drama queen.  See you all there image

  • Kal, just go out and enjoy it. Youre running for yourself. ANd I always like this one:

    "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." 
    -John Bingham

  • Good quote HelenJane!

    Kal, just enjoy it...don't worry, although I always worry before any run..God knows why coz' it's fien once you're out there! You'll be so proud of yourself tomorrow!

    Enjoy everyone!!! Good luck x image

  • Loved it loved it loved it. And a rather decent pb of 49:06. And I seem to have won my age group image) Very happy in HJ land!! The riverside was glorious, hope you all had good ones .

  • Loved it also!  Don't know why I was worrying so much.  Managed 1:03 which I am really pleased with for a first race and the fastest I have ever gone.  Only thing is I slipped and fell on the tow path so had to stop for a couple of minutes - nasty graze up leg!  Helenjane007 - brilliant time.

    Hope everyone enjoyed it - I will definitely do this one again. 

    Well done everyone image

  • Picked up an injury at the 7k mark making me finish 20 secs over my PBimage I'm in pain tonight!!!....hip,knee and ankle!!??? :-/ Well done Helenjane and kal!!! I enjoyed it until the injury part! The park looked beautiful this morning and loved running alongside the rowers too. VERY well organised event!!! 100X's better than Run to the Beat half marathon!!!!  

  • RTTB has never been that well organised. Commiserations on injuries ladies,decent times nonetheless.  Regular brufen and ice will help.Have a look at some of the "smaller"events too , depending on where you live , like those from  local stuff can be as much fun and inclusive.Theres a world of stuff out there!

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