I want to enter (and complete!) an ironman (in 2014!!) BUT....

So......i have managed to get it into my head that i want to do an ironman in 2014.  Read Holgs book - its given me the bug!  even though i can only swim backstroke.  which i dont think will really be allowed....image but i can run.  slowly.  and cycle.  kindof. 

The only problem is - i live in Jersey.  Which is fab.  but to go on 5/6 mile training rides i would have to ride round and round the island a fair few times. 

Just wondering if any other islanders have managed this ???!  



  • At least you have some lovely scenery whilst you are going round and round and round ....

    If you want to, you can  image

  • or five to six hour training rides.  D'oh.  not 5/6 mile. the island isnt that small!! 

  • Don't see that as being a problem.  My IM training loop is only 20km, which I repeat up to the desired time.  Makes pacing easier, riding past the house etc to top up with food/fluids, and each loop canbe compared to one another.


    Guernsey run the Graniteman, which although only half, is done on a smaller island.


    Sea swimming won't be limited for you though

  • haha thats true!!  i could swim around the island - that should give me enough practice!! 

  • I know someone who did all his training on the same 10 mile loop, and he didnt live on an island, he's just mental though.

  • trixeepoo wrote (see)

    haha thats true!!  i could swim around the island - that should give me enough practice!! 

    I know someone who swam round Jersey a couple of years ago


  • Could you not do a weekend trip or two to France?  There must be some great cycling there and the weather shouldnt be to bad.

  • oooo thats a good idea - thanks image

    The round the island swim is scarily quite a popular thing to do! 

  • Just ride all the roads the criss-cross the island ... twice image

  • It's doable but i would much rather do nice long rides out into the county rather than loops if I have the choice. Can you plan some weekends on the mainland maybe for your century rides ?

    Other than that you have a very large and scenic turbo.
  • i did imuk and rode round and round the IMUK loop cause i live close to it...i've done the loop literally hundreds of times...focus on the goal....not the ride and it wont be a problem....sea swims too....IM wales is you're best bet in the uk

  • Given the traffic on the island, once the daylight returns I'd be opting to get the rides in early morning.  Until then, the Turbo is your best pal.

  • A friend of a friend who lives on Guernsey does Decas so it's certainly doable,  just need to get your head round it.

    Otherwise try these guys.



  • I like loops easy to get the pacing right and also you can put fuel dumps on your loop rather than carry it all good luck
  • Decas living on Guernsey??!  Crazy!! 

    i will just have to mix up my loops and drop tasty treats along the way! 

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