Ladybower 50 Ultra series



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    Well... that's it...... I've been incredibly stupid and i'm now entered for the 50.

    Yes, i'm almost wetting myself with excitement, and nerves all at once.

    No way on earth that i'm going to run it all non stop.  Will get the first 20 out of the way and that shouldn't be to bad after that... well ...  I guess i'll just have some sort of organised stagger / stumble strategy.  But hey i've got 13 hours..... 12h 59m to be able to say i've done a 50.9m ultra sounds OK to me image


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    One annoying question, come my next pay day should I be looking at getting a Camelbak? I got the feeling in the last few miles having water on tap and pockets with nibbles in them might be a rather good idea?

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    I cycled round ladybower today and have run it a couple of times. You can't get lost in it as the path/road run alongside the reservoir. In my opinion it's difficult to chose the right footwear as running on the left side of the reservoir it's mainly a road and on the right side it is trail/gravel but for a couple of miles there are stones that stick up making it a bit uneven. If I've recovered in time and run it I will use some hybrid road/off road trainers but would suggest you take a couple of pairs with you so you can change them if you feel the need (as per Egyptian Toe's comment about underfoot conditions)

    Booktrunk - the 50 mile ultra series is the same ad the 50 mile event. They had trouble with the website so I believe whichever link you chose you are only entering the one race. 

    ET - are you entering this ?

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    Thanks carterusm. It all seems to have worked fine. Got the email saying I'm signed up. Might be last, but hey, someone has to be last image 

    I have a feeling after a few miles I might only be seeing people when I get lapped image

  • This is all good to hear - it's hard enough to deal with the 'putting one foot in front of the other' thing without doing navigation too. 

    Another question - how long are people planning to make their longest run if they're doing the 35 miler? I'm planning on using an adapted plan for a 40 mile race, but it goes up to 30 miles in training, which, talking to other people, sounds excessive. I was planning to do a marathon as my longest run, but at training pace, not racing. Any thoughts?

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    I'm not going to run more then 25 maybe 26.2image but might do a half on a Saturday and a full on a Sunday or vica versa for the 50. But.... I'm going to be right near the back image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I have a plan to run the first half of the 50, maybe see if I can get to 35 still calling it a run, (but probably not) and then run/walk then jog/stagger to the end.

  • carter - don`t know. want something for after my marathon in Sept / Oct. Maybe Chester or something closer like this or Leicester. Don`t know!

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Booktrunk - I'm no expert in running ultras but I believe the strategy is generally a run/walk one from the start rather than trying to run as far as you can before run/walking. 

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  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Ok. So I know it's months away, but I'm just trying to get ideas sorted in my head, so that I can get the hang of a plan,

    if I have an initial plan that is along the line off from the start doing around 20 or 25 min run / 5 min walk. Or some similar half hour plan (23:7) I Would I be in the right ballpark?

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    25/5 seems to be the most common strategy that I have seen so far and the one I was intending to follow. They also suggest walking up the hills but for Ladybower I wouldnt bother to be honest. There is only one 'hill' worthy of mention at Ladybower and thats only if you run in a clockwise direction and if memory serves me right we will be running in an anti clockwise direction

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  • Looks like fun …..Think I am going to use the 20 mile option as my last long run 2 weeks before  Chester marathon and take it steady. Anybody else doing this? Seems like a reasonably flat route so I am not going to destroy my legs so close to the main event.  Please can someone correct me if it his hilly…anybody got a garmin map/elevation profile…..many thanks

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I've walked around most of it and talked arbour it on the Facebook page.. It is pretty darn flat image there are hilly areas all around the course, but the course is fast n flat. 

    I'm in for the 50 my first ultra will be going very gentle as it's 3 weeks before my 3rd marathon.

  • I did the Dambuster 10 a couple of years ago and, although it is pretty flat, my legs were pretty battered afterwards. Not sure whether it was the terrain or the wind tbh.

  • Thanks for the info..think im going to give it a whirl and It will give me a bit of extra focus…… running Lake Vyrnwy HM the week before ladybower which I enjoyed last year.

  • Vyrnwy is a great race! MM do you just run around `big water`? I also fancy Kielder! image

  • I hadn’t thought about that TET,  2 weeks running round a lake…..having said that I do seem to find myself doing a lot of events near water along the front at Blackpool and Lytham.

  • lol! I`ve also done Lytham 10 a couple of times (water) and Fleetwood 10k. My only Blackpool effort was in Stanley Park though. You done Vyrnwy before?

  • Yes last year, strange day for me, remember the crazy busy start….ran it when I was knackered after setting a pb at Blackpool HM 1hr36m the week before and then couldn’t run again for 3 months due to back problems and missed Chester mara which would have been my first mara. But I still really enjoyed the event and thought I could come back and have a right good go at it...... so that’s the plan for 2013!

    Enjoyed sport in the port 10k today pb only done 1 10k before and going to have a good go at Southport and Arley Hall HM’s in July.

    You been busy TET?

  • Well done Matt. I`ve been fairly busy (10 miles steady today) but I am tapering for my second marathon next weekend. Once that`s done, I plan to look for my next event, maybe this as a 20 or another full.

  • So. How is everyone doing...  It's the 1st of August... eeeeeeek... only 7 and a half weeks away isn't it?

    I'm a strong believer in being under prepared as opposed to over cooked!

    OK,  well umm err that's my excuse and i'm going to stick to it. Been plodding around way less than I should have but have done just about 25M +  aweek for the last six to eight weeks.

    Going away for a weeks holiday and coming back on the 19/20th If I don't get any in before then I guess from then on in I should be running every saturday and sunday as allegedly running 15m+ two days in a row is decent practise? I guess i'll find out.  Hope your training is all going better then mine.

    First 25 miles i'm going to be ok image after that hummm......

    Am I better off running say two 16+ mile runs over a weekend or one 28-30 mile run?  All opinions appreciated. I've still never ran further than a marathon yet, and not sure if I should or just keep on going how i'm going, and just see what happens on the day.  Or cannot decide if that is utter stupidity.

    Should i get my arse in gear and over the bankholiday weekend get up to the resevoir and plod around it twice, so 30m no matter how long it takes me.

  • Going to try to get to ladybower tomorrow for 15/20m if you are there and see a short redhead, plodding along very slowly shout 'hi'image

  • I ran the big loop two weeks ago. Early Sunday morning. According to my GPS 15miles with 1000ft ascent. Don't forget it rises very slowly, there are three reservoirs each with a huge dam. The navigation is simple. I took a 1996 map (whoops) it's all cycle path now. Feet were a bit battered.

    I didn't know anything about this race at the time, just thought it looked a good route image

    Scenery wise it's not great as you're under tree cover and just see the lake to your side. Although there was a lot of wildlife about.

  • See you all tomorrow. I'll be the fat geezer looking for the stretcher bearers.

  • Looking forward to the 20 mile option tomorrow. weather looks goodimage

  • How did everyone get on? Had a great time - thought the course was great (though sure they sneaked a mountain on to that 3rd lap).... Am already thinking about next year......

  • I'm alive and I can walk (just) standing up takes a few minutes, and a bit of hodging around. I just had to crouch for a photo and that was pretty mean image

  • lol booktrunk - felt a bit stiff on monday but i actually managed to go for a run last night and felt pretty good (and all the guys at my running club have decided i'm not really human) image

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