advice needed for tempo runs please

Hello starting to prepare for a 10k in Jan ,aiming for approx 38min, normally follow Hal Higdons , training programs although bit confused at what max speed I should be running my tempo runs at , some people say faster than race pace , he says near race pace but not faster;makes sense to me to be slightly faster , although runners world calculator has tempo  slower than race pace ?Any advice please ??


  • Would that be 10K race pace then? Which to be fair, is pretty much the pace you should be running at if you can sustain it for about 40 minutes.

    The idea is to get your HR as high as you that you can sustain it - without needing to slow down so you can recover a bit of extra oxygen - that would mean you had exceeded your Lactate Threshold.

    Not that it's a huge issue - even if you are slightly under or slightly above your LT, you'll still get a benefit from the training. It's just that the nearer you are to the LT, the more effective your training will be (but it is a marginal difference, so don't worry too much).

  • ok , thanks very much Tricky Dicky  ,

  • +1 ^ what he said
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