Ultra runners around Basingstoke

Hi, I just moved to Basingstoke and am looking for some fellow runners. I realize that there are some running clubs around but their training nights seem to only consist of speed training etc. I am still active with my running club in Southampton where I do my speed training etc. so I don't need any more of that. (Also, can never bring myself to really care about all this talk about league races or PBs.) What I am looking for is some fellow runners for some nice long runs (at least an hour or more). Not the world's fastest runner but I do like to get in some good tempto runs. 

When running I try to get off the roads as quickly as possible and head out into the country side with an OS map. I'm doing the Endurancelife ultras starting next weekend (crap :P) so would love to find some other locals doing those races. I work at home in Basingstoke most days so am very flexible about when to meet up (either during the week or weekend.) Would also be happy to head for a pint with any local people to talk about running.


  • I agree. Join a local club and if there aren't any long run sessions or weekend offroad sessions, start your own! On the surface my club is very focused on athletics and leagues and all that stuff but there are quite a few ultra runners there too who organise informal 30+mile offroad weekend runs...

  • Greg,

    Overton Harriers is a small club a few miles west of Basingstoke.

    What sort of pace are you? If around 7-9 min mile pace for long runs then we would certainly be in the right "standard". We think we are a friendly club would welcome you for long runs.

    See our website www.overtonharriers.org.uk/

    Our main long runs are Sunday but I personnally do off road long runs some lunchtimes around B'stoke

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