Done first marathon!! What now??

Hi everyone, I'm stuck. Any advice greatly appreciated. Did first marathon Sunday, went really well, did 2 halves earlier year so basically spent the whole year training, followed the FIRST plan. Prob is how do I train now? I don't want to lose all endurance & pace I've gained. Would like to be able to jump into a race at few weeks notice. Looking ideally at Manchester in April long term. Thought I would just train as before maybe repeat wks 9,10,11 then rest a wk on a loop, wonder what effect that would have on body & fitness etc. or is there like a tick over running schedule? Also would I need to start a training plan from scratch again or based on keeping running sat 20-25 mile can I just jump into a plan at say wk 8?? Grateful for any help. Cheers


  • I meant running 20-25 mile a week, not one run on say, prob a long run of 15 then a 10k & intervals or hills
  • personally i'd just seem trying to do the same plan, but faster to try and knock time off your time. maybe add a new londer runs every now and then to boost fitness even further. you seem motivated to continue running which is a great help! after my first marathon i didnt run for 6 months!

  • Continue training to get your next marathon time down and consider training for the enxt big thing...a few short ultras. I know thats what ill be doing when i have a couple of marathons under my belt image

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Take a couple of weeks off running, then do a couple of easy weeks (don't under-estimate how much recovery you need after a marathon!) ... then look at a good base training plan (e.g. Hadd) to get you through the winter ... before starting a more race-specific plan next spring.

  • Take it easy for two or three weeks -run if you want to, but don't push speedor distance. Then yes, a schedule of three weeks building and one week drop-down (that is, not no running, but reduced), repeating is good to maintain endurance. For speed, have you got a parkrun nearby? Running that regularly should help.Maybe look for some cross-country and stuff to mix it up over the winter?

    Absolutely if you've kept on a loop then you can jump into the training plan later.

    The other thing to do is join a running club, see what runs they're offering. Mine for example will be starting marathon training runs in December (long runs on a Sunday, gradually increasing in length, and often e.g. taking the train away from base then running back, for a change from the local routes.

    I'm faced with sort of the same thing myself at the moment - spent 15 months building back from almost zero, after four months off for injury, reached my goals (50K, marathon and 50-miler) and now I'm determined not to lose all that endurance, so I'm doing a three-week schedule for my weekend long runs - one moderate (10-15 miles), one long (18-20) and a back-to-back (20+ followed by 10-12 the next day). Also running cross-country races for my club and the odd  other race, mostly trail, although I ran a road 10K recently.

  • Thanks for advice, Manchester is next one I think to try post a decent time then try get into trails allthough there's not many close, but I fancy a off road marathon & then try some ultras mayb Lakeland 50 which I thinks sept
  • Lakeland 50 is end of July, but it sold out weeks ago. However, I wouldn't recommend it as your first ultra unless perhaps the Lake District is where you do all your training anyway. I finished NDW50 in under 10 hours and I'm expecting 14 hours or more for Lakeland 50... Perhaps Ladybower 50, or go for a 50K or 35-miler or something first.

  • Yeah I noticed that about Lakeland, ladybower maybe a good shout I see they do a 35 mile aswell
  • Rob, can defo recommend the L50, I did it this year, I'm not as fast as Debra but an amazing experience. It was my first Ultra after completing the marathon and the only thing I 'd have changed was II wish I'd concentrated on bringing my marathon time down first. I'm running Manchester as well. Hoping for sub 4:30, what about you?

  • I did 3:41 so wondering if I can do sub 3:30. I'd like to do Lakeland trail marathon in July possibly as part of training for ultra. So if did ladybower proberly fit in well time wise, allthough I don't know how much training it takes to do 50 mile. Very daunting!
  • With 3:41 for your first I reckon 3:30 will be doable, depends how much you can train etc, get yourself on some of the other threads for some advice from the quicker ones. I know a lot use P&D training plans but having looked at the them they are a bit high mileage for me.

    Check out irunfar website for ultra training plans its the same guy who wrote forward relentless progress but most of the info and plans are on the website. The biggest piece of advice I got about ultra's was make sure your training is specific - no point doing 25 mile training runs on flat road if your ultra is on the trails. Oh and be prepared to walk! Good luck on both you goals.
  • Rob, come and read some of the threads in the Ultras section, particularly the "wannabee ultra runner" thread.

    Training is basically lots of LSR and drop the speedwork to nothing/minimal. I find back-to-backs very useful - i.e. a long run followed by another long run the next day.

    There's a 50M schedule at which gives you an indication of the training volume needed for a 50-miler.

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