Uploading data with Ant+, Forerunner 310xt

Hi all,

Just trying to download workout data - ANT+ says it has succesfully downloaded data but there is no sign of it on Garmin Connect.

Annoying. Checked the FAQ's and have done what I have been told and no joy still.

Any ideas?


  • is this the first time you have tried to do it?

  • yep - I have read on here that I am not the only one who has had initial problems either! 

  • if the ant+ says it has downloaded the data, then it has loaded it onto a file on your computer, then you need to upload it to garmin connect (I am assuming you are using the website not the training centre)

    have you clicked on the little 'upload' in the top right hand corner? DOes it detect your garmin?

    I seem to remember that when I was using a forerunner 305 I never really got the website to work, but now with my 910xt it is fine.

    It might be worth trying something like fetch (www.fetcheveryone.com) if you have never used it, it is pretty easy to register and go on the 'garmin upload' and it should autmatically upload your data. At least then you would know whether the ant+ had downloaded the data to the pc successfully or not

  • ant+ said it had downloaded my data but failed to download goals (?) I havent set any of those yet so I don't know if that is why it says that...

    Yes am using website - what is the training centre?

    Anyway - I hadn't seen the Upload button on Garmin Connect, once i clicked that it downloaded a plugin then I had to click it again to download the data and hey presto!! So thank you big styley mathschick.image

    Do I need to go to GConnect and hit upload every time I vist, to move new data from ant+ stick thing/ my computer to the website? I presumed it would automatically update as my ant+ says "data has been sent to Garmin Connect".... I can't see anywhere in the instructions telling me to hit upload on the site (but I have a tendancy to miss the obvious so that is not to say it is not there!).

    The 910xt is so snazzy, just a little out of my price range! Glad it is working fine for you now.

    Thanks again, superstar.

  • that's ok, glad you have it sorted

    yes, you have to hit 'upload' every time, I don't know why is it so small when you go on the site - easy to miss

    training centre is software that loads onto your pc, it isn't that great, but I think you can create workouts in it and load them onto your garmin. Never done that - not advanced enoughimage

    the 910xt is lovely, it was a surprise pressieimage

  • what a lovely gift image

    ooooo create your own workouts....clever stuff....think I am going to have to bury my head in the instructions!

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