Saturday marathons???

Hi everyone! I'm trying to find details of Saturday marathons. I'm a church minister so it means that most Sundays are work if anyone could recommend a marathon held on any other day than Sunday I would love to hear from you.


  • Dublin's always on a Monday.

  • Beachy Head is always on a Saturday.

  • Snowdonia mara is on a Saturday
  • Great Langdale. Looking at this list, it looks like Saturday marathons are hilly marathons!
  • Southdowns is Saturday!
  • Wow...looks like I better start doing some hill training! I can get away with two Sunday marathons, but hoping to find some more non-Sunday maras...have done Belfast and White Peak twice
  • All the Endurance Life coastal marathons are on Saturdays, but yes- more hills!

    Kent roadrunner marathon is the only other flat road Saturday one I know of.

  • 2 more Northern Ireland marathons to add to the "Saturday marathons are hillier, but more scenic than Sunday marathons" theory; the Mourne Way and the Causeway Coast are on 8th June and 29th September respectively next year.
  • There's a marathon double in Liverpool one New Years Eve and the other on New Years Day, you can do one or both, it's a small event, multi laps but flat as it's on the river front.

  • I don't know why there aren't more Saturday marathons. Much better to have a wwekend away an be able to celebrate on the Saturday night image

  • Does it have to be maras? Lots of half maras and 10k's round too. See Shakespeare Rotary Half in November for example

  • Another hilly Saturday marathon . . . The Picnic (insanely hilly!)

  • Highland Perthshire marathon (and half) is on Saturday - 1st Saturday in September. Start and finish in Aberfeldy. I did the half this year - good race; marathon is 2 laps of same course. Maybe not as hilly as the name suggests, but not flat either.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Thames meander was a Saturday as well as many French marathons (Medoc, Eco trail de Paris). Enigma running often run events on Saturdays (e.g. Fox@40 next weekend).
  • If you are a bit flexible about distance some of the multidays welcome single day entrants.

  • Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki are on saturdays. 

  • Thanks everyone for your help! Straycelt, I've done the Shakespeare half a couple of times...good fun! Got loads of good ideas now.....happy to hear more...
  • Milton keynes is on a monday this year, and relatively flat.
  • Isle of Wight marathon is on a Saturday as I recall (early to mid May). It's a tough one mind, you wouldn't think you could fit that many hills on such a small island! image

  • Milton Keynes looks good. Flat. A Monday! And not too far from Coventry. Stadium finish too...will feel like the Olympics;-)
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