VLM rejection letter - what does it look like?

Hi! For my running club's VLM places, we're doing a ballot. To enter, people have to submit their VLM rejection letter. Mine was A4 on the reverse of my magazine's address label (so it has my name and address on it). Some others say theirs were A5 and don't have any personal details on them - is this true? Thanks.


  • Mine was the latter, A5 piece of paper saying; Dear Runner or words to that affect, it wasn't personalised.

    However if you have the magazine that should be proof enough

  • Tamsyn - mine was the A4 reverse of the magazine address label - has been for the last 3 years and thats what I've always submitted to my club!

    Good luck on the club ballot

  • i thought it was a piece of paper inside the plastic cover.take what you have..........it would be strange for the club not to accept it

  • oooh, good question. My club is the same. I haven't even opened the mag, still in it's wrapper, was nearly thrown in the recycling. I'm just going to hand the whole thing over, if I decide to go for it. I figure, they can see it's mine as it's got the address on, can't see any letter though.


  • Thanks for the replies. I know my entry into the club ballot will be OK, but I'm on the committee and we have to decide whether the anonymous A5 rejections are OK! Sounds like they are!


  • I have my place so it's irrelevant for me this year, but if I didn't have a place, I'd go for a club place.

    The rule at my club is that you have to have entered. What would stop me from getting a rejected mag from someone else if it didn't have my name on it?
  • Nykie......why would anyone risk lying to their club for a place............if anyone was suspicious I'm sure there are ways the club  could check with the organisers.......

  • When there are people who join a club JUST to enter for a place, anything is possible...
  • The Club Committee is going to look into what we will accept for next year. Sadly, I didn't get a place, but my husband did, so I will go and cheer him on and have entered Paris instead.

  • For my club, you have to be a member for a year. To be honest we all know who entered and who didn't get a place. You have to have done a certain number of races to be eligible. So, you have shown your commitment to the club.

    Paris is fantastic! Would love to do Paris again, not suitable at the moment with the family. But one day, I'll be back.

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