Friday 2nd November 2012


Todays lyrics:Father wears his Sunday best. Mother's tired she needs a rest

Yesterdays lyrics:Ralph McTell and 'Streets of London. Most of you got it

What:4M Steady.

Why: Still being cautious however my cold seems to have lifted.

MissB is on Christmas countdown...image

Back later.


  • Morning.

    To be fair birkmyre so am I - but that's to the uni closing for the xmas break and three weeks off work rather than the day itself.

    Blisters - today is indeed a new day, make of it what you can.

    OH - do you have any more races this year?

    I still seem a bit congested but as it's all above the neck will try and fit something in later but it's a long (for me) day at work and rare social event this evening so I may struggle for time.

    What:               hopefully a short easy run or turbo
    Why:                want to get back into regular training
    Last hard:        21/10
    Last rest:         31/10

    Lyrics - yes.  

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    happy friday everyone
    didn't know yesterdays words, but today's I do!
    what - something easy later
    why - fridays always an easy day
    added a couple of miles easy on the track last night: went training for U11s, but lights out at the track & hockey pitches (electric failure apparently). Luckily Rugby lights on so track roughly uesable (home straight illuminated , back straight less so). Had them doing a pyramid 1 lap, 2laps, 3 laps, 1lap, plus 1 lap warm down. I did the 2 & 3 laps with the slower ones. Its amazing though, their legs hurt, they get stitches yet their jaws work non-stop....

    have a great weekend!

  • Christmas workup ...image
    Lots of extra things to cram in with a couple of days off at end
    Buying retail items for distant family that will never be used
    Bah Humbugimage

    But should get some of family back home for a few daysimage

    What: dunno - its chucking it down!
    Why: Run would be good but better if a bit drier
    Last hard: ?
    Last rest: Wednesday
    Lyrics: no

    Busy at work at present

    LMH no more races. Nothing local and no more holidays (except statutory at Xmas/NY)

  • It's Friday - Yipppeee

    Dustin..  I have an 11-yr-old like that!

    Ralph McTell must have been my first ever 'gig' - some time in the seventies. How cool is that for young lad?? Thanks sis.

    What: Maybe a light jog.

    Why: shake out last Sunday's run.

    Lyrics  Yes. Again.

    It really is time to say have a great weekend

  • Morning.

    What: Again failed to get to the gym before work.
    Why: Busy this evening.
    Last hard: Tuesday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    I'll have to work extra hard at tomorrow's parkrun. Giving Wimbledon a go for the first time. Mum's coming along too (to spectate!).

    Lyrics: Yep!

  • OH - hope you find a dry bit to get out in.

    Well I managed 30 minutes on the treadie before rushing in to work and finding a flat tyre on my car when I arrived (yes, I had noticed that it was pulling to the left but assumed it was the tracking as I had two new front tyres fitted yesterday afternoon!), have thrown myself on the mercy of the receptionists who agreed to hold keys and look out for the AA then my first student DNA so I'm now sat here hoping the AA turn up before my second student! Hope Alehouse has a less eventful day with his planes, trains and automobile journey to see the consultant.

    Opinions please - this weekend is two weeks post marathon and next week is one week pre half marathon. I was going to do a 10 mile LSR this weekend and a 14 miler next weekend - but that was before I realised that would only be the week before the half so what do you think, 10 miles both weeks, further this weekend and just 10 miles next or what? Whilst it's not an A race I would like to be recovered from Abingdon enough to have a decent run.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    lyrics I do but cant quite get them to the front of my brain! I know them though I am sure..

    lmh in my humble opinion, 10 miles each weekend would suffice, but I am not an expert!Thats a pain re the tyre!

    gg, how hard is it to get out and do gym before work these days! I just cant

    OH you sound like me about christmas!

    What: well I did manage my 6 mile run last night and cycled 14 miles this morning, feeling good

    why: it was a beautiful morning for it!

    last hard: this morning

    last easy: weds

    I have another xctry tomorrow, 5 miles this week and I think it will be sloshy!

    have a good weekend all





    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    What: turning another year older and a walk round some mountain towns.
    Why: it has to happen 1 day every year image

    Ale how's it going today?
    LMH I reckon do 10 miles both weekends (or even 10 this weekend and a shorter one next weekend).  You know you have the fitness for the 13.1 miles and you don't want to overdo it, especially as you've not been 100% recently.  Hope the AA turned up ok.
    Wabo good luck tomorrow
    GGG enjoy Wimbledon

    Have a good one all.

  • Morning

    What : rest

    Why : racing sunday

    Last hard : 21st oct

    Lyrics easy image

    LMH answering your question from yesterday just a local 10 miler fairly flat but its out and back along an estuary so you are guaranteed a head wind for 5 miles one way or another image

    OH and Wabo great minds think alike I havent even though but what to but let alone started christmas shopping..could do without it all really apart from making sure the grandkids have a nice time (I have 3 grandsons) I cant wait till its over,,,,, have a good race tomorrow wabo







  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    LmH - you will have the stamina still in your legs, so I see no upside in trying to squeeze a longer than race distance run in.
    I think mentally it would be better to do a 10mile this week and if you feel energetic up the pace to HM pace for a few miles towards the end, but don't stress it too much, next week just go for a 10m steady, 'tick over'.
    Wabo enjoy the xc!

  • LMH I'm with the others 2 x 10

    NN: Working towards Dubai Marathon in January but have a lot of other stuff to fit in along the way!

    What: Today was the Sting tri, swim allegedly 300M, cycle 7K, run, 1.6K repeat three times, swim turned out to be 500M which makes it a little harder for a runner like me! Anyway I finished in 1-34-13, each lap was near enough even pace, swims were all around 10 mins 30 secs, cycles 11mins - 30 secs, runs 6-35 ish. No idea where I came probably about 30th out of 100, it was fun and reminded me why I love Tri and also reminded me that I'm not a very good swimmer.
    Why: It was there and an excuse to take the family away to Al Ain and stay in a very nice hotel last night.
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Yesterday 

  • Afternoon from Chester station! LMH: taxi, train, lift, then lift, train and hope next lift turns up! And for what it's worth I would simply run and enjoy without the stress of a particular distance: 70 to 90 mins of relaxed running.

    Lyrics: hope you have got them today, DD, to keep the streak going. That's a yes from me.

    Consultant was pleased! Stitches out, steristrips instead. Can again weight bear and do not have to sleep with foot elevated. That, in particular, is good news. Will be repeating the trek next Friday.

    And a very happy birthday, Emzap!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Great news Alehouse.......a New Years Day 10k is it then?
  • No, Tom: January 2nd, for personal reasons! But probably not 2013!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • AH: good news and yes the Lyrics streak rolls on

  • Happy Birthday emzap!

    Good news indeed Alehouse, let's hope that a corner is finally turned and your running future can be sighted.

    Thanks for the LSR thoughts all. It's always hard not to err on the side of too much image

    Tyre fixed (again, hopefully).

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    good news Alehouse

    5.5m along the Kennett and Avon canal earlier at lunch

    Lyrics - YES

    Parkrun tomorrow and the Lordshill 10m on Sunday

    Take care all

  • Hi gang

    Lyrics, a big yes, dug out the CD and it's on right now.
    LMH, You present an interesting conundrum. I'll draw from experience. I've tried to run a warm up HM 3 weeks before a target mara, and it was too close. 5 weeks was ideal. I've tried to race a HM 4 weeks after London mara. OK the weather starts to get warm, but the pace really wasn't there. I'd feel absolutely fantastic at the start, but once the race was underway the clock didn't tell lies. A few minutes, but enough. Whatever you choose to do, please go gently, you are bound to be a bit stretched and strained, adn that needs a couple of weeks to get near to being fixed.

    Christmas, Other Half? After a number of years of tat being donated in dual directions I came to the blinding realisation that the best gift were consumable, and of premium quality.The sort of stuff you wouldn't buy for youself, yet would be enjoyed and finished before Birthday season. Home made is just as good a gift as shop bought.

    Training? Today I truly enjoyed an 8.5 miler. My drive home convinced me that a cycle ride was going to be dodgy on the wet and greasy leaves. That would have been a pleasant ride through the woods (on roads), but too much recent water. The best bit was that I had sufficient time left to be able to get a mile swim done (in a classic 45 minutes). Alternate breathing on a few lengths was less melodramatic, so that was a great relief. I'm not ready to convert yet though.

    (After that was choir training, and mega baking session for the church fair tomorow. More baking in the early morning.)



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