Calf guards/tights - how difficult should they be to put on?

I've just bought a pair of Skins Essentials MX compression calf tights. I am exactly on the size border between S and XS, and went for the size S. My question - they feel snug enough, but are pretty easy to put on. A review in Trail Running magazine commented that they were a struggle to get on, which was a good sign. Therefore, should I go for the size XS? Is the degree of struggle to put them on a good sign of how effectively they work at compression? 


  • The sizing guide for the 2xu version suggests that if you are on the border you should go for the smaller size. I was the same and went down to medium rather than large. They are snug but nor painfully tight. I dont think you want them to be restrictive but you definitely dont went them slipping down.

  • Thanks for that, Chunky Gentleman. I'll order the smaller size and send these ones back.

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