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hello, i have been running on the treadmil for a few months now doing interval work, my fitness levels are quite good. Ive decided to bite the bullet and start combining some outdoor runs into my program. I want to keep doing my interval treadmill w/os because i enjoy them. is combining both okay? (im new to this :S) Also im bricking it starting outside! any advice?/



  • i do both, i find now though i HATE running on a treadmill which is the downside to it. have you been running on an incline? treadmills are nice and cusioned unlike roads so go slowely and stretch. x

  • Run slower outside, it's different you don't have perfect surfaces etc... Trying to run at the same pace will probably not work and just make you want yo go back to the treadmill, don't run as far initially as your joints might need to get used to the extra pounding from the paths, and roads etc...

    Most important of all enjoy yourselfimage

    Oh and remember if you are out after dark make sure you are visible to people and cars.
  • Hi,

    i started on the treadmills a few years ago but got bored after i went outside a few times. as previous advice take it careful. Are you looking to go road running or into the sticks and trial run. i went into trial running and found it kept everything interesting and really had my focus on the surroundings.

    its not an issue to mix both but you may find that you will get bored of the treadmill the more you take to going outside.

  • Are we going to try and resurrect this thread my dear jb?

    Happy new year btw all image
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