Introduction from Hilly



  • Turbo session didn't happen, so decided to ride into work today, nothing too taxing. Really good to be out in the fresh air, and it was very fresh this morning, didn't bother waving through queuing traffic or really taking advantage of being on 2 wheels, but made it in to work in around 40 min, a fair bit slower than i can do, but stress free on the roads and the hills didn't kill me.

    Need to sort out a long ride for the weekend, may try and make the Farnham Tri Sunday swim.

  • 2 and a half weeks off training after picking up two colds in a row. Started back up with a nice slow 45 min run at the gym yesterday. Tried out a pair of vibram 5 fingers, you really feel different parts of your feet and legs working with them compared to normal running shoes. Is any one else out there a fan of 5 fingers?
    Today was a swim, covered a mile, broken down into 4 sets with a small break between each. Feel i could get the mile done in one go now if i was to try it, gonna have to bite the bullet and give it a go soon if I'm to hit this years target of a mile non stop before the new year.

    Due to start the 30 week fink plan next week, what great timing. May cut down on some of the first weeks sessions, but already looking forward to a run on christmas day. With my brother back from uni i may get some company too.


  • I have some vibram 5 fingers, but only wear them for pilates or indoors although they are suitable for running in. They feel weird to start with, but be careful and build up time running in them slowly to avoid injury as the legs and feet are not used to it.

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