The Gosport Golden Mile

Brand new race for 2013,

I have just entered for the 5K, although shorter than my usual running races I want to support any race thats just starting up.

It will be also nice to say I was in the first ever one!

Anyone else fancy it, may also see if my son wants to do the golden mile image


  • Sounds good! Is there a website for the event, or is it likely to be too small?

    2013!! - what happened to 2012 image

  • I entered on runners world, although you can send a cheque to absolute running, thats the running shop organising it.

    I am friends with them on facebook and I am the very first person to enter the race, have also entered my son into the 1 mile race.

    Have only ever done the race for life 3 miles but I think it should be a good race, the perfect distance for anyone starting running who does not want to do a 10k first.

    Absolute running have their own shop website but dont think there is anything yet on there about the run,

    Does that mean your in???

    Christmas will be here before you know it image

  • Our Absolute Running website will be updated next week with a link to Runners World. We're very excited about these races and believe that they will be a great addition to Gosport's popular half marathon. A great opportunity for those starting out or as part of a training plan.
  • I'm in for the 1 mile as I'm new to all this and can just about manage the mile without stopping.

  • Should be a great day. We have several very quick men & women and loads of youngsters & families so fingers crossed we can do a good job.

  • So this was a great run, well suported, could have had the mile runners start from the east so they finished at the 5K start rather than walking back before the 5 k could start. But I just saw on power of 10 that this was classified at 5KNAD and did not ount to rankings, was it short ort something?

  • The thinking behind the route of the Golden  Mile was to take advantage of the usual prevailing South Westerly wind direction with an option to rotate the course if the wind was too strong in the opposite direction. The priority was to have a properly certificated measured mile so that we could introduce this iconic distance to the South Coast. Next year's event should see the 5K enjoy the  same course certificate

  • Thanks Nick, that explains the logic, image Paul.

  • The 5k course is unable to have a course certificate because it is classified as a multi terrain race and therefore cannot be accurately measured. It was, however, measured as accuratley as possible and was as close to 5k as you can get using GPS measurements.

  • Martin - personally I liked the multi terrain aspects, made the race more interesting but I talked to a couple of guys afterwards who had worn racing flats and wished they had had some more cusion. Next year you might want to change the course surface description to MT, this year it was listed in RW as "Road". Still, for a 1st event it was well organized, marshalls were very friendly and supportive and the event was obviously very popular with kids and families - which was great to see! 


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