Tatton Park-Where's my T-shirt?

As Tatton Park triathlon was the most expensive i have entered i would have at least expected them to have enough T shirts for all finishers, but no. Despite me entering well in advance, they managed to run out on the day. They took my address on the pretext they were going to send me one, but 2 months on and nothing has arrived.

Very poor show Tatton for a very expensive event! 


  • Perhaps giving them a call or mail ?
  • I'm afraid this race has a consistent track record of poor customer service over the years, Rachel. I think if you searched for "Tatton" on here, you'd see a number of grievances and gripes similar to yours going back over the last few years. Pity, because it's fundamentally a great event.


  • I agree that the event is a nice one to actually do, the swim and bike especially. And yes funnily enough I had thought of contacting them, but no response as yet. I'm amazed they can't manage to count how many entries they have to provide for!
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