How many calories burned per mile of swimming?

I know running is roughly 100 calories per mile, but what is the equivalent per mile of swimming?


  • Have a look at this image

  • Oh, thanks for that Rafiki. image
  • But, ummm, how accurate is it really? I just input my latest swim and according to the calculometer thingy, I burned 1,800 calories in just over an hour. Which doesn't sound right as an hour of hard running is only 800 or so and this was a steady but not overly fast swim with no sharks behind me!
  • Intrigued that Breaststroke takes more calories than freestyle, but as I can only manage 25m before being completely puffed out it's academic

  • To be honest I just googled it - but I've just input my normal open water swim time and distance (1500m in 32 minutes) and for my weight I burn 375 cal - which sounds about right. Perhaps operator error image ??

  • Lol! Maybe. 3100m (124 laps of a 25m pool) in 66 mins. I'll away and input it again on my pc. Maybe doing it on the iPhone I made a mistake and didn't notice...
  • LMAO! You were absolutely right. I'd swapped it from imperial to metric halfway through inputting cause I didn't know distance in yards, not realising that I'd already put my weight in as 160lbs which then became 160kg, or 25 stone!

    *chuckling at own stupidity* image

    And now doing it correctly, 850 cals sounds much more reasonable.


  • i think it counts a lap as down th epool and 50 metres.i was confusing laps with lengths

  • So according to that data from my last swim, I burned 440 cals per mile. I shall have to experiment with swimming faster and slower to see if that calorie count stays roughly the same. I know the '100 cals per mile' thing for running is only a very rough guide but it's useful. I'd like to have a similar rough guide for swimming. Will help me work out how many extra pies I can eat after a swim session! image

  • But surely you will always be hungry after a swim but not always after a run.

  • swimming faster or slower wont make a lot of difference - weight / distance = energy required. i input my stats into that calculator and it came out just a little high, i normally burn around 78 - 82 cals per 400m - the calc said 100 so maybe a bit of leaway on either set of data and i would get about 90 so sounds realistic to me and my ameoba brainimage


  • I'm STARVING after my morning swim (2miles), yet I'm pretty sure I only use about 350-400 extra calls...

    I've read it's related to the drop in core temperature.

    Anyway....I drink 2 glasses of water after and a medium costa and still need about 1200 cals before my hunger subsides. Bizarre. I've always scoffed breakfast lunch and several snacks by about 10:30 in the morning!
  • Yeah, I don't think it's just dehydration cause I always leave my water bottle st the end of the pool and have a drink every 500m or so. And I'm still totally starving afterwards...
  • I do think if you're hungry then having a drink, especially a hot/warm one, can kind of 'displace' the hunger for a while. Maybe I should drink tea after swimming instead of pigging out on lunch!

    I also find swimming makes me feel hungrier for the rest of the day - more so than running for the same amount of time/calories. Also more tired at night. In terms of how I feel afterwards, I'd equate a 2 mile swim with about a 20 mile run, really. But the swim takes me just over an hour and the run takes anything from 3 and a half to 4 hours. I don't get it...


  • K9 wrote (see)
    I've always scoffed breakfast lunch and several snacks by about 10:30 in the morning!

    Sounds like me on an average day, LOL! image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    i think it counts a lap as down th epool and 50 metres.i was confusing laps with lengths

    I think I confuse laps with lengths too. I say I've done so many laps, meaning lengths. I didn't realise 1 lap = 2 lengths... D'oh!

  • EP stroke rate is counted as every right arm, so 16 for 25m doing front crawl seems OK, my average is 13 or 14, but on a really good day I can do 12. Try keeping the outstretched arm/hand out in front, in the water for a second before starting to bring the hand and arm through the water, that makes the difference for me. I keep hearing about gliding and think streamlined.

  • Comparing Stroke rate means absolutely nothing, look at your efficiency and stroke rate combined. If you have a bad pull technique and still do the same stroke rate as another person you won't be as fast , which I'm sure u know, but the efficiency will be lower. My 910 counts me at 12-13-14, my mate is 16+ , he's a short arse but we are both same speed ish
  • I've never counted my strokes. Trying to keep count of lengths is taxing enough for me! I'll be keeping my eye out for 910 bargains in the post-Exmas sales though. Really fancy a gadget that would count both for me.
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