how long do socks last

How long would you expect a pair of Thorlo Experia socks to last? I bought a pair at the beginning of July this year and have done just over 200 miles in them. They seem to be wearing thin at the bottom (the part were the arch of the foot is.)


  • That will depend on you and your shoes and your wear, if you find they only last 200 miles then either buy more socks or try another brand

    I actually wouldnt know how many miles mine last, I have afew pairs and when they are worn they worn they get relegated to horse duties  image

  • mine get relegated to cycling duties after running..........

  • I've got socks from years ago which I've been meaning to ditch just because the elastic's gone a bit around the ankle.  If they're wearing away after 200 miles they sound a bit, er, pants.

  • er??? if they have holes ditch them....if you get blisters, ditch them....if they look yellow, ditch them...if they're stiff...ditch them.....


  • I don't log the mileage of my socks, but would generally expect them to last over 200 miles, especially Thorlo's as they aren't cheap. The only socks I've really had any problems with are 1000mile socks every single pair of which I have had have worn holes in the toes in less than 50 miles. Never again!

    I find the running and cycling socks (I use either for either sport) from Lidl to be not only excellent value for money, but actually excellent full stop. 

  • I have no idea how many miles my socks have done. I only throw socks away when they fall apart!
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I have a spreadsheet which records the mileage and hours run for each sock. I used to do this for pairs of socks, but then due to mis-washing issues, some socks became detached from their partners and I have recently started to log each socks data seperately. I also record the ave m/m and terrain for each sock. I find that hilly off road runs wear socks more than flat road and track, especailly around the back of the heel and toe box area. However the smell factor is greatest after a hot summer LSR. As smell can be a perceptive measure, I use one of these to achieve an accurate calibration of results. 

  • Well, if your feet smell like fanny there's something fishy (ha) going on! image

    I wear Injinji's thinnest lightweight toe socks and tend to find I wear them through on the big toes after maybe 150-200 miles, maybe less if I've done a couple of long runs in the wet. But I definitely think having to replace socks so regularly is a small price to pay for no blisters, ever.

    P.S And yes, ALDI's running socks last pretty much for ever...

  • exiled claret - you must be doing something wrong to wear through the 1000mile cushioned socks in 50 miles! maybe you should cut you toenails more often image mine have Id say around 600miles on each pair (three pairs) and only last week the oldest pair, which maybe have 750miles on, wore through at the big toenail.

    Im looking for good new socks, and ready to try something different, any suggestions?

  • Don't have a problem with any other sorts of socks. The only ones which either wear out or cause me blisters are 1000mile socks. It doesn't matter what variety of 1000mile socks either - I've had about 5 different pairs over the years, all with exactly the same result - blisters under the arch and holes in the toes.

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