Total Warrior

I've just registered for the Total Warrior race in August next year and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some trail running shoes that won't break the bank. Could do without spending another small fortune after my recent running shoe purchase. I'm also an overpronator as well so could do with a bit of supprt.

Any other tips on what to wear on every other part of my body would be gratefully received as this is my first adventure run.........Run!!!  who am I kidding!!



  • You're best off with trail/fell shoes as they have better grip and it's good to have shoes that release water quickly.  Me and the Other Half have Innov 8 (£80 - £100) and they've been good.  Only thing is like you I'm an overpronator and I have yet to find any grippy shoes that are as supportive as my running shoes.  My sports therapist has recommend seeing a podiatrist to get inserts.

    Kit - best to wear clothes that dry quick and don't fall down under weight of water.  I think sleeves are essential after rubbing my underarms raw going over A-Frames.  A lot of people wear as little as possible - vests and shorts.  Also gloves can be helpful to give you grip when you hauling yourself over the obstacles.

    It'll be fun  image

  • But gloves are a definite hindrance on some obstacles where you require grip, e.g. the monkey bars in the Tough Mudder races. Take them off for those sort of things.  Wear anything man-made; definitely not cotton.  You will get soaked so anything that sheds water as quickly as possible is best.

    It won't be helpful for you but I intend using my Vibram Five Fingers for Total Warrior. Not as much grip as my various Inov-8s but superb when you are up to your knees in mud. No chance of the shoe slipping off and very little space to allow small stones to get in.  I've ran 10k races and the Total Warrior-like 'Wild Thing' mud race in them and they were superb.

  • use fingerless gloves (weighlifting or biking gloves) as they will protect the palms but still allow grip where needed...

    a long sleeved underlayer with a rough old vest/short T over the top will keep you "warm" and prevent abrasion.  same with shorts - lycra ones under, something lke football shorts over.  and as NC says - no cotton - use tech kit.

    fell style shoes with grip work best - I use Inov8s - and use knotted laces that don't pull through the lace eyelets to stop the shoes getting sucked off in the mud, and even then use a double knot when you lace up.

    and if there are any sections where you are crawling on your knees  - use some knee protection (an old pair of knee supports or similar) or they will skin and sting like hell after!

  • The best method for crawling - for speed and comfort, is not to use your knees at all; forearms and toes only and you'll speed past everyone else using their bellies and/or knees and elbows..

  • maybe the best method but when you're stuck in a concrete tunnel behind people, or queing under barbed wire, or climbing out of some sodding muddy pit (all Toughguy), then you will need those knees......image

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