Another bra thread...

I am running in Shock Absorbers, but recently got two very nice Ronhill tops and as they are very thin and light they tend to be rather clingy in the chest area. Are there bras that offer a bit more nipple camouflage/coverage? The fully padded ones are probably quite hot. Am happy with either compression or encapsulation


  • The one is got from triumph works really well. I actually find it more comfortable and better for running than my shock absorber
  • Thank you, Is this the triaction one?
  • Yes,I've had mine 18 months
  • Thanks will try it
  • tesco do some which fit quite well and are good for the money

  • You could always just try putting a cotton wool pad over the offending area inside your sports bra.  That's what I do and it works well and has never caused chafing even for a marathon.

  • Thank you for more good tips

    Fiona, interesting idea, wouldn't have thought they'd stay put.. Will try and reportimage have ordered the triumph too
  • Are you using one of the actual running bras by Shock Absorber?  I didn't seem to think they are that thin that you would see anthing through the bra itself.  I'm sure you can't on mine!

  • Yes, and the new Triumph doesn't seem to be much better either. However, the cotton pad trick seems to work to a degree - smoothing out the pointy bits, admittedly gving slightly odd outline in a different way . Decided to pretend it doesn't matterimage
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