Do you eat enough?



  • runs-with-dogs wrote (see)
    ..Just finished his Eat and Run book and quite fancy trying some of the vegan recipes in it. Now, where to find raw cacao nibs, spirulina powder and some pinole. Ha!

    For the above foods, the chia seeds mentioned, Raw Revolution & other wholefood bars and loads of other healthy goodies, I think iherb online is good.  It is American unfortunately, but the prices are good and shipping is cheap and fast.  Everything i have ordered has been great quality so far.

    You can get discount with this code CEB805 (just to be upfront, if you use this code, i also get discount for introducing you, but feel free to search google for an alternative code, i mention iherb only because it stocks all the foods mentioned by myself & OP's)

     Another food worth mentioning is coconut milk - i use it often in curries / sauces / smoothies , even in my tea if i run out of milk. It has no trans fat, and although is high in sat fat, it is not the bad kind (though you may want to research to make your own mind up), so is a great source of extra calories.    I think Native Forest Organic is the only BPA-free tinned version but i may be wrong. 

     EDIT: Just thought, link would be helpful


  • LunchtimeRunner wrote (see)

    Just to add my 2 cents' worth: I read somewhere a quote from Matthew Pinsent: he said that one of the hardest things about training for the olympics was managing to eat enough. So even high BMI types can have this problem.

    It is difficult to stuff snacks in without eating junk - that's why I am now really sick of bananas .....

    I have this issue and my god am sick of bananas. i find a bad week at work will usually even the calorie quota for the week with pringles and wine image

    I have started on nuts now as i swim every morning now which isn't helping the deficit but it is increasing my morning appetite, I just gotta learn to not eat cr@p.

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