Are you running Gosport Half Marathon?

Hi! I have entered Gosport Half Marathon which I have not done before. I am going to try and run it in sub 90 minutes. Is anyone else doing this race and aiming for a similar time?


  • Yes - I am
  • Have you done this race before? Do you regularly run sub 90 mins for a  half?  I read lots of reviews on Runnersworld and gathered that it is a well organised pancake flat race. Sub 90 minutes would be a PB for me.

  • I will be there, will be my first time at Gosport. Having managed sub 89 mins at the undulating Solent HM and having checked with a few people who know both courses well, I'll be aiming for sub 87 at Gosport.

    Best of luck!

  • Best of luck to you too Ballesteros and well done on your sub 89 on an undulating course. At least your body knows what to do now! I am a little worried I will go too quickly at the start, will have to really work hard on that. If only there were pacemakers, it would be the icing on the cake with such a well organised and flat race like this one... 


  • i cant wait for this race. i heard that it was a flat course. i would love to finish this post 80 minutes and get a pb.

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