Swimming marathon-type thingies?

12-year-old daughter wants to do a long-distance swim - in a pool, not open water (her mummy's edict).

Are there any such events? She can currently swim a couple of miles easily, about 2.5k in an hour, looking fresh.

I don't know where else to find out...


  • JJ, the British Long Distance SWimming Assoc is at www.bldsa.co.uk (or .com - google them)

    Or try the ASA - Amatueur Swimming Assoc.

    I think the BLDSA is mainly open water - as most long distance swim events are - but they may be a good starting point for you.

    Have fun!
  • You could try to get your local pool to sign up for this:

  • thanks Nic!

    It'll be nice to find her something to focus on as she's not a sprinter. (can't afford a wetsuit for her!)
  • and nessie!
  • jj, how about getting mini me jj to do the saturday of the swimathon down at queen mum baths next year?
    ive been down there with a tri friend at work last 3 times. it's great. be good to see her motoring along. just make sure if she draws same lane as us that she doesnt pass us....respect to her elders and all that.
    she can do anything up to 5k for that
  • oooo that sounds cool - she'd love to! is that on the link Nessie gave up there?
  • thats the one jj, yep. just hope they sort the baths out in time....
  • Yay! She's up for it! Tell me more.

  • Hmmmm, I think you can cover anything up to 5k on your own, or as part of a team (max5). Not sure what charity people are raising money for this time, should say on the website.

    Quite fun watching, you get all sorts. Some people sprint 1k each and can get bit competitive with each other, some plod along doing doggy-paddle for 5k with plenty of rests. Whatever you fancy.

    But they'll put you in a lane with other people of similar abilities or targets......it's hard enough having up to 5 swimming in same lane without human-torpedos and plankton getting in the way :O) (when I say plankton I mean it affectionately)

    They'll be someone sitting at the end of each lane totting up the lengths.

    It's fun, she'll love it. And the spectator area on the balcony has loads of seats so you can get a good view of her.
  • is that the one that was BT swimathon? if so, it's usually end of March-ish.
  • Yeh that's the baby. It's good fun.
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