Hayling 10 Mile Road & Trail Race


  • thinking about it


  • I'm thinking about it too... does anyone know if it's chip timed? I couldn't find anything on the website to confirm one way or the other.

    I'm doing the Gosport Half the week before so will probably decide at the last minute. Has anyone on here done it before? Any feedback for potential newbies?

  • Hi Mike,

    I am new to this running game, managed to get a place in both of these events. How much running-training should i be doing between events, again a newbie

  • Personally, I'll probably take the Monday off, and then go for a couple of light jogs/slow runs of 3-4 miles on Tues & Weds... Then another 3-miler on Fri or Sat. Nothing too heavy! image

  • Thanks Mike,

    best to get advice from people who are doing these sort of things rather than just going out and running myself to death


  • I've not done this before and not sure about chip timing, but there's a few reviews if you go into the event page at top of the thread. Haven't been to Hayling for ages, went often as a child, as did my Mum, who's coming to spectate. Looking forward to it!

  • Have any of you guys received your race pack yet?

  • Nothing yet, hopefully by Wednesday, how about you Sole man
  • Are there still entry's on the day? Just don't want to travel all that way and not get in.
  • Don Donnelly 2 wrote (see)how about you Sole man

    Nope, nothing. I'll just turn up at Race HQ an hour before the event and start barking at them image.


  • Hi Sole man, I emailed a gent called Mike yesteraday and got this reply today

    " if you entered on line then you just need to turn up on the day and collect your number.Details can be found on the Havant AC web site whichincludes where to park etc"

    talk about making you feel welcome


  • I've just received a similar e-mail, better late than never.
    See you all at the start line, - have a good one!


  • Does anyone know anything about secure bag holding, don't want to be running carrying car keys
  • See you all on Sunday, say hello, I'm wearing the shooting star chase vest, can't give you my number as I haven't got one
  • Has anyone heard anything about the race for tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be horirific on the Island
  • Well i did the race. A newbie at this one, but i was pleased with it. It was well organised, except for, it was only when i heard the gun go off, i knew it was time to run. The marshalls were very good. Got the odd irrate driver, one who shook his head, since he was being delayed preventing turning into a road, so i stuck my tongue out at him.

    It was a good day for the wind, even if in the last two miles i was feeling that head wind, but i got a time of 1.08.19 on my Garmin, and it was spot on 10 miles as i crossed the line. Amazing. First yet!! Take note Brighton half.

    Medal was okay. Overall, pleased i was there.

  • My first 10 mile race, felt the same about the start, all of a sudden we were off!!  Having been unwell for a couple of weeks after the Fleet 10K I hadn't really done the distance training needed but set my self the target of finishing in under 1 hour 40 and finished in 1 hour 39.57 so can't argue with that.

    The wind was fun, the last two miles felt like treading water, but I did enjoy the extra distance from a 10K race, now need to put the time in on the road to bring the time down a bit.

    Really enjoyable race with good marshalls and nice medal

  • Did this with my brother in law and had a very enjoyable run, I aimed for 1hr 20mins but came in about 1hr 17min! Very well organised with good marshalling too!!

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