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Now heres a question. If you're not a sports scientist that spends all day with these things then how do you know whether you over or underpronate? The shape of your foot might suggest what you MAY be doing, but how do you know? Is the average runner supposed to look at fellow races and say "excuse me, you seem to be rolling around a lot, could you tell me you type of pronation so I have a point of reference please?". The whole thing seems barking to me - the only way I found out was when I was injured and went to an expert. Over-pronate? relative to what?


  • Good question - video analysis, or you can look at the soles of your shoes and see the wear patern. In particular how it progresses along the foot and which toe you push off with.
  • Yes but like I said, I bet most people running don't have access to video analysis - and even if they did wouldn't know what they were looking at without an expert. Now wear pattern, that sounds a bit more practical - all we need now is a definative guide to wear pattern. ummmmmmmm........... errr........ you look at the sole of the shoe..... and ......er.... if it is worn..... err....... you have been running A LOT...... er......


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    My chiropractor checked the hard skin on my feet!

    Apparently, as I had hard skin on the ball of my foot just below the big toe, but none along the rest of the ball of my foot, I was rolling my foot too much and "toeing off" from the big toe only. More supportive shoes have given me a more even spread of hard skin (and more work with the pumice stone!)
  • hey now thats an interesting one, bit like the shoe wear thing - thanks
  • Pg 55 of the Runners repair manual by Dr Murray F Weisenfeld with Barbara Burr has sole wear diagrams for 5 different conditions including Normal, pro and sup.

    Cost me $10 ish when I lived in US but I'm sure Amazon would love to finnd it for you.
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